Information and Data Management

Consumer Information

The Higher Education Opportunity Act 2008 requires all colleges and universities participating in Federal Student Loan Programs to disclose consumer information. This page centralizes the information for current and prospective students at Seattle Pacific University.  Availability of Employee to Disseminate Information: If a paper copy of any of the Consumer Information listed here is requested, please contact Student Academic Services during their regular business hours and a paper copy will be provided.


Seattle Pacific University Facts
Undergraduate Catalog; Graduate Catalog
Accreditation, approval, and licensure of Institution and programs
Academic Program Information:
    -Faculty for undergraduate and graduate programs
    -Instructional facilities – resources for learning
    -Undergraduate programs and policies
        -Net Price Calculator
        -Transfer of credit policies
        -Transfer articulation agreements
    -Graduate programs and policies
    -Price of attendance
    -Textbook information: Undergraduate and Graduate
    -Programs offered at physical campus locations
    -Programs that offer online courses - Contact Student Academic Services
    -Faculty role - policies
    -SPU Online Courses information
    -Correspondence courses - Not Applicable - SPU does not offer correspondence courses.
Career and job placement services
    -Community standards and procedures for resolving discrimination complaints
    -Computer use policy and file sharing
    -Information Security
    -Copyright infringement policies and sanctions
    -Student privacy rights – Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA policy)
    -Refund policy and return of federal financial aid: Undergraduate and Graduate
    -Requirements for withdrawal: Undergraduate and Graduate
    -Method of Disclosure -- Annual Notification
    -Misrepresentation -- Not Applicable
    -Availability of Employee for Dissemination Purposes
Student activities
Student diversity (PDF)
Study Abroad
Support services for students with disabilities
Voter registration
Written Arrangements
Verification Requirements
GED program -- Not applicable; Seattle Pacific University admits students with a high school diploma or their equivalent only.
Constitution Day


Assistance from federal, state, local, and institutional programs:
    -Undergraduate programs
    -Graduate programs
Federal student financial aid penalties for drug law violations (See Drug Free School Policy under Health and Safety)
Student loan information
    -Scholarships and Grants
    -Loans and Work
    -Employment and Loan Programs
    -Code of Conduct for Student Loans
    -Loan Types
    -Aid Eligibility
    -Application Process
    -Managing Your Financial Aid
    -Credit Balances
    -Loan Repayment
    -Student Loan Exit Sessions
    -Master Conditions of Financial Assistance
    -Initial loan counseling for student borrowers
    -Exit Counseling for student borrowers
    -Institutional code of conduct for educational loans
    -Preferred lender list - Seattle Pacific University does not have a preferred lender list
Title IV, HEA Loan


SPU Health Services
Drug Free School Policy
Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
Vaccination policies
Annual Security and Fire Safety Report (contains crime statistics, fire statistics, and policies and procedures relating to campus security)
Emergency Preparedness (website describing SPU’s emergency preparedness policies with links to Emergency and Crisis Management Plan (for students and employees) and “Stop. Think. Act.” booklet)
Preventing Gender Based Violence at SPU (PDF)
(describes online training available to SPU students and employees)


Retention rates and Graduation rates (Student Right-to-Know Act) (PDF)

Bachelor Degree Recipients:
    -Job and graduate placement (B.A. / B.S. degrees) (PDF)
Graduate and Professional Programs: job placement information   
   -College of Arts and Sciences--Arts and Humanities (PDF)
          Master's in Fine Arts in Creative Writing (MFA)
          Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (MA)

   -School of Business, Government, and Economics (PDF)
          Business Administration (MBA)
          Information Systems (MS)
          Management (MA)

   -School of Education (PDF)

   -School of Health Sciences (PDF)

   -School of Psychology, Family, and Community (PDF)
          Clinical Psychology (PhD)
          Industrial/Organization Psychology (MA; PhD)
          Marriage & Family Therapy (MS)

   -School of Theology

Certificate Programs: Gainful Employment Reporting   
   -Principal or Program Administrator Certificate Program
   -School Counseling ESA Certficate Program
   -Superintendent Cert Program

Athletic Program Information

Athletic program participation and financial support (Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act)
Graduation rates for students receiving athletically related student aid (Student-Right-to-Know Act) (PDF)

Teacher Preparation Program

Teacher Preparation Program Report (PDF)