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CIS will never request your SPU Username and Password or other confidential information from you through email.  If you receive such a request, please delete the email.  If you believe your account has been compromised, change your Password immediately and contact the HelpDesk at 206-281-2982.

SPU Password Restrictions

  • Passwords must be a minimum of eight characters, recommended 16. Use a Passphrase, it's easy to set up and remember!
  • You may not reuse the previous three (3) passwords.
  • After a certain number of successive incorrect attempts to log in, the account will be “locked-out” for approximately thirty minutes, or until CIS is contacted.
How To:

If you'd like to change your password and use a Passphrase for your email account, log into the Banner Info System. Click on the Personal Menu -> Computer Accounts -> Manage your Accounts. Select Change Password under your SPU Username to choose a new password.

Need help logging?

  • Visit FindMyID for online assistance
  • Come to the CIS HelpDesk in person with picture ID
  • If you cannot come to the HelpDesk and have tried FindMyID, please call the CIS HelpDesk and speak to a staff member.

Common Problems:

Turn AutoComplete Off
Internet Explorer has an "automatic completion" feature that allows your browser to save SPU Username and Password combinations. Normally, this convenient feature saves you time but if you change your password for Webmail, you may have trouble logging in. If you have set up Explorer to remember your password for Webmail, you will need to clear this old entry out of Explorer.

Check for the CAPS LOCK key it you are getting errors typing in a known-good password.

Your Password is Case Sensitive

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Last Updated: 5/25/2010