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SPU provides many on-campus computer labs for use by residential and commuter students. Labs are located in a number of convenient locations across campus. All computer use of the campus network and the equipment located in the student computer labs must conform to our Acceptable Use Policy.

Some of the computer labs are highly specialized for specific academic programs while other labs are more general purpose. In most of the student labs, a standard set of academic software tools are provided that include Microsoft Office, statistical software, programming languages, and database software. All of the general-purpose computer labs also provide full access to the Internet, color laser printers, and other local and remote networked resources.

For more detailed information regarding the configuration, location, and hours of operation for each computer lab please see SPU's Academic Computer Lab page.
How To:

Networked equipment within the computer labs requires authentication with your SPU Username and password.

See Also:
Accounts and Passwords (information about your SPU Username and password)

Last Updated: 3/11/2010