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There are many online resources on campus. The most common resources used by Faculty, Staff and Students are Blackboard (Online Learning), The Banner Info System and Webmail (Outlook Web Access).

Your SPU Username and Password are used to access these resources. If you are unsure of your credentials, please go to the Accounts Page to learn how to set up your credentials as a first time user or discover your credentials if you have forgotten what they are.

How To:

The Banner Info System is a resource that allows students to register for courses, manage personal information and much more. To access the Banner Info system, go to: and log in with your SPU Username and Password.

Webmail is SPU's email system. Access your email from any location when you have access to the internet! Go to: and log in with your SPU Username and Password.

Blackboard is an online resource that many faculty members and some departments use to post course curriculum or training. Access Blackboard by going to: and log in with your SPU Username and Password.

Common Problems:

Incorrect Credentials

When logging in, use only your SPU Username without the portion and Password. If you do not know this information go here: SPU Username and Password for assistance.

Resources that do not use the SPU Username and Password

ePortfolio, eRecruiting, OnLine Jobs and the Library Databases and a few others. For these resources, please speak to the department that maintains the resource. (e.g. ePortfolio is supported by ITS and the Library Databases is the Library reference desk.)

Pop-up Blockers

Some Internet browsers include pop-up blockers that may prevent Webmail from displaying messages correctly. Most pop-up blockers can be disabled. See you blocker documentation or help files for details.

Note about Webmail

Internet Explorer will allow a greater degree of functionality with Webmail as they are both Microsoft products designed to work with each other more completely.

See Also:
SPU Username and Password (credentials for SPU email access)
Acceptable Use Policy (policies that govern, among other things, use of email)

Last Updated: 7/19/2010