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  Meet an Outstanding Graduate
  Photo: 2009 graduate Rosalin Rosario-Liam Some students transfer to a different university during their college years, but recent graduate Rosalin Rosario-Liam transferred to another country. Arriving in the United States when she was 20 years old from her native Philippines with an unfinished associate’s degree in computer engineering, she began taking classes at South Seattle Community College. The single mother worked full-time at electrical consulting firms to support her family. It took her six years to complete her degree. But her dream was to be an electrical engineer, so she applied to SPU for a bachelor’s of science degree. “I came to Seattle Pacific because it offered electrical engineering evening classes and because of its commitment to the Christian faith,” says Rosalin. Her professors immediately noticed her determination.

“Rosalin exhibited the depth of character that marks someone who has overcome many challenges,” says Associate Professor Electrical Engineering Don Peter. “At times her work and school schedule was crazy, including many hours in the lab on evenings and weekends while working on her team’s senior design project. Yet, she was not one to complain about her circumstances, and she was willing to put in extra effort to help her team succeed."

It took five years for Rosalin to complete her degree, and she graduated in June 2009. She gives credit to her professors for helping her finish. “I want to express my gratitude to all my instructors and my classmates,” she says.” Because of them, I accomplished my dreams.” How did she do it all? “First of all, my faith in God helped me to achieve my goals and get me to where I am now. I followed my dreams to be an engineer some day, and I don’t have any regrets.” Rosalin now works for engineering consulting firm in Lacey, Washington.