Jeffrey B. Van Duzer

“In almost every class there are a couple of magic moments, or more accurately grace moments, when I can feel that something quite extraordinary is happening. Students find themselves drawn below the surface and discover something about themselves, about the world they live in and about God that can’t quite be captured in a lecture or a reading and can’t even be adequately described. This is a mystery. These moments can’t be predicted and in spite of my best efforts I’ve found that they can’t be manufactured.”

— Jeff Van Duzer, SPU Provost

Seattle Pacific is committed to both an undergraduate and a graduate curriculum that helps every student understand patterns and histories of inequity; culture, racial, ethnic, and gender differences; peacemaking, conflict resolution, and community development. We strive to prepare students to participate in God’s reconciling work in the world and in their diverse workplaces.

Cultural Understanding and Engagement (CUE) Curriculum

Undergraduate programs and courses dealing with diversity, equity, and inclusion

Graduate programs and courses dealing with diversity, equity, and inclusion

Urban Impact Class

Professor of Missiology David Leong (far left) with students from his seminary course THEO 6002: “Christian Formation in Mission” in front of Emerald City Commons and Rainier Health and Fitness. The class visited this affordable housing development and community gym, which function as ministries of Urban Impact, a Christian nonprofit organization in Seattle.

John Perkins

Practicing reconciliation

Seattle Pacific Seminary is partnering with people such as the Rev. Dr. John Perkins to live into our vision of practicing radical reconciliation. Learn about SPS’s MA in Reconciliation and Intercultural Studies.

David Leong

Why I teach at SPU

David Leong, Associate Professor of Missiology

“I teach at SPU because I love to introduce students to the city as a vibrant, meaningful context in which to reflect upon God’s mission in the world.”