Ongoing Efforts

Brenda Salter McNeil

“Reconciliation is about how to relate even after forgiveness and justice have occurred. It’s about how to delve even deeper into relationship with one another.”

— Brenda Salter McNeil, Associate Professor and Director of Reconciliation Studies; Author of Roadmap to Reconciliation: Moving Communities Into Unity, Wholeness, and Justice

As President Martin stated in an open letter to students on November 25, 2015, “Although I am proud of Seattle Pacific University’s long-standing commitment to reconciliation in general, and to racial and ethnic reconciliation in particular, I know there is more we can do." At Seattle Pacific, we want to be known as a place where diversity, justice, and reconciliation are recognized, nurtured, and honored. We continue to listen, dialogue, and take action around these important issues to creative a bias-free, inclusive community.

Timeline of recent events relating to diversity

Next steps


Caenisha Warren, Perkins Center events coordinator, and Brian Bantum, assistant professor of theology, lead a breakout session during a forum titled “Race in America After Ferguson” on October 28, 2014.

John Perkins

Practicing reconciliation

Seattle Pacific Seminary is partnering with people such as the Rev. Dr. John Perkins to live into our vision of practicing radical reconciliation. Learn about SPS’s MA in Reconciliation and Intercultural Studies.

Dan Martin

“SPU’s commitment to diversity shouldn’t simply be identified numerically. Diversity’s great value comes through interactions across campus and in classrooms, moving below the surface of what is visible. SPU is to be a learning community where diverse perspectives and experiences can be drawn out and coalesced together to form the whole.”

— Dan Martin, SPU President