Next Steps

McKinley Hall

“If we are to provide the best education we can, we must establish and implement practices that will attract and retain diverse students who will contribute to the shared values of our academic community and who will collectively create an environment conducive to accomplishing the institution’s mission.”

— Dan Martin, SPU President

In his February 2016 Board of Trustees Report, President Dan Martin identified specific strategies and actions to pursue in the coming months around the areas of racial diversity, equity, and inclusion. In the report he stated, “Although many of the details will require substantive conversations, thought, and effort from many SPU stakeholders, we will utilize the following framework and timelines to mark our progress.”

  1. Diversity consultant. Dr. Pete Menjares, senior fellow for diversity, equity, and inclusion at the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities (CCCU), has been hired as a diversity consultant to design an Intercultural Engagement and Growth plan for the Senior Leadership Team by June 1, 2016.
  2. A Senior Leadership Team member (often titled Chief Diversity Officer). Within the 2016–17 academic year, a Senior Leadership Team member will be hired to address issues of diversity, inclusion, and reconciliation. 
  3. Diversity, equity, and inclusion intra-website. By July 1, 2016, a diversity, equity, and inclusion intra-website will be created to identify and mark our progress related to various data points and reports.
  4. University diversity report. An annual University Diversity Report, with historical reports to be archived on the site, will be created and will begin at the conclusion of 2016–17.
  5. Institutional Statement on Racial Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. An Institutional Statement on Racial Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion will be created by October 1, 2016, that will articulate our commitments and guide our actions.
  6. Cultural Understanding and Engagement (CUE) learning outcome requirements. CUE requirements will be implemented, beginning in 2016–17. Along with the integration of these learning outcomes, an assessment plan will be developed and finalized by September 1, 2016, to ensure we are achieving the intended objectives. 
  7. Comprehensive fundraising campaign. Various programmatic and operational elements of our fundraising work will be developed as an opportunity for the broader SPU community to support our efforts. It is expected this portion of the campaign will be developed by September 1, 2016.
  8. Reporting system. University counsel will explore various options and legal requirements for instituting such a system, including how it would relate to existing discrimination complaint procedures. Counsel will also review SPU's anti-retaliation policies, specifically considering how we can best broaden the awareness and impact of the policies as a complement to any new reporting system.
  9. Informal interactional diversity. University Chaplain Bo Lim and Vice President of Student Life Jeff Jordan will develop a plan to increase “informal interactional diversity” within our co-curricular and residential programming. 
  10. Hiring and training. Provost Van Duzer will work with cross-campus groups and individuals comprised of faculty, staff, students, and particularly, Human Resources, and produce a status report on the following action steps for the community by September 1, 2016:
    • A recruitment protocol will be developed for search committees and those involved in the hiring process intended to help obtain diverse applicant pools.
    • A plan for onboarding and orienting all new employees, that contains a diversity component that addresses the University’s commitment to diversity, inclusion, and reconciliation from a mission and biblical perspective, will be developed and implemented.
    • A plan for developing faculty around intercultural competencies, culturally responsive teaching, and mitigating micro-aggressions will be developed and implemented.
    • A plan for developing staff around intercultural competencies and mitigating micro-aggressions will be developed and implemented.
  11. Training for student leaders. We will be working on a definitive action plan for training.