Advancing Our Enduring Purpose

Since 1891

Seattle Pacific University’s strategic plan represents our priorities and focus for the coming years. In pursuing the five goals outlined here, SPU aims to realize more fully the University’s vision of engaging the culture and changing the world.

Our strategic vision

Seattle Pacific University will be:

KNOWN AS a premier Christian university that is orthodox, evangelical, Wesleyan, and ecumenical — selected by students able to excel at the highest academic levels, shaped by distinguished teachers and scholars, noted by a distinctive and diverse living and learning environment that reflects its Christian identity, and resourced with significant capacity to realize its mission and pursue its vision.

KNOWN FOR preparing students for service and leadership by fostering holistic growth through rigorous academic study, character formation, and vocational preparation that establishes a foundation for a thriving, faithful, and meaningful life.

KNOWN BY the lives of alumni who reflect the University’s value, are shaped by its mission, and embody its vision and commitment to global and cultural engagement, reconciliation, and human flourishing.



  1. Academic excellence and relevance
  2. Transformative and holistic student experience
  3. Vital Christian identity and purpose
  4. Resource development and attainment
  5. Operational effectiveness and efficiency
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Measurement and our core identity

SPU has specific goals to help us maintain excellence in our core identity. Behind each of those goals is research on how SPU compares to other colleges and universities, and how best to move forward in each area. 


Your gift matters

When you give to Seattle Pacific University, you are partnering with us to engage the culture and change the world.