Meet Chanbo Yong

During the summer, we’re highlighting some of our outstanding graduates nominated by faculty and staff. Chanbo Yong graduated with an M.B.A. in management. While working fulltime at Boeing, she became a licensed esthetician and started her own skincare business. A portion of her profits go to serve low income clients.

The professor who nominated Chanbo said, “She's a unique person and outstanding student…She's also a marathon runner, and brings the intensity of running a marathon to her studies, Boeing work, and community service.” Chanbo took the time to answer some questions.



Favorite memories from your years at SPU?

Walking into my first weekend class and the professor saying, "Welcome to class. It's going to be a long day today, so let's have fun. But first, eat some doughnuts.”

Biggest lesson you learned in college?

It's okay to be an overachiever. You can never be too prepared.

Funniest thing a professor did in class?

When one of the professors raised both hands, smiled, laughed at his own comment, and said, "Hey it’s a joke, you're suppose to laugh.” (No one was laughing.)

What are you doing now? Plans for next year?

I work for The Boeing Company as a contract and pricing administrator.

Perfect dream job.

I've landed my dream job with The Boeing Company. I get the opportunity to work with a team of strong negotiators who maintain and attract new business. We continue to compete, deliver, and produce high quality products and services for our customers. My career with Boeing enables me to balance work and life, hence the opportunity to be a part-time esthetician providing professional and quality skincare and beauty services.

Tell us more about your other job.

I am a licensed esthetician, working with and educating people about the importance of skincare, body treatments, and wearing beneficial and long-lasting makeup. I focus on quality and results to help correct, balance, and beautify client’s skincare needs. A portion of my income from the business goes towards working with those who cannot afford professional skincare or makeup services. I work with their budget or volunteer my services. I also donate a portion of my income and services to fundraising events and nonprofit organizations like the Rotary Club.

Advice for prospective SPU students?

I challenge all new SPU M.B.A. students to step out of their comfort zone and be open-minded to new experiences and new people.

Posted: Tuesday, July 19, 2011