New Home Page Feature

Some adjustments have been made to the global navigation on the SPU upper-level pages.

  1. At your request, we have assembled the most commonly used links -- Banner, Blackboard, Catalogs/Time Schedule , WebMail, and White Pages -- on the dropdown of a new "mySPU" link, found at the top right corner.
  2. To reduce clutter and redundancy, we are removing these links from the Faculty & Staff dropdown menu.
  3. We have also separated the Departments & People Directory into two links.

We realize this will change how you find things, but judging by your requests, this will make navigation easier for you. You'll also notice other subtle design and functionality enhancements throughout the pages that were redesigned last winter.

Watch for more upgrades to the SPU home page coming later, along with the new global navigation rolling out to the rest of the SPU sites soon.

Posted: Friday, September 09, 2011