Life in the Peace Corps

Sara Baggs

(as printed in the Summer 2012 alumni e-newsletter, Connections)

Seattle Pacific University alumni are among the more than 9,000 Peace Corps volunteers serving in 75 countries. Each makes a 27-month commitment to live and work in diverse communities to attain goals in areas such as education, health, business, agriculture, the environment, and youth development.

Sarah Baggs '11 took her degree in cultural human development and went to East Java, Indonesia, to teach English at a senior high school of a thousand students. Because she was excited to live in another culture and experience another way of life, the teacher "expected to be the student as well!"

The Peace Corps first required her to live for three months with a host family in a village close to the school. She was immersed in the country's language before tackling her teaching assignment and working with youth development in her community.

Katie Leu and Katelyn Miller, both Class of 2009, were assigned to Bulgaria. They worked in small communities "teaching English, planning and holding camps, and other various jobs," says Leu.

Baggs will complete her service in 2014. Leu and Miller close out their service this month. "I would love to know if there are any other Peace Corps volunteers from wonderful SPU out there," says Leu.

Posted: Monday, July 30, 2012