Retiring Faculty Member Bud Turner

Lowell “Bud” Turner’s background is pure Northwest. He grew up in Seattle, attended Seattle public schools, and returned to the district as a teacher and an administrator. Bud also received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Seattle University in 1969 and 1974, respectively.

During his time as a teacher and administrator of health and physical education, Bud wrote or co-authored with his wife, Sue, several highly regarded books (seven in total), organized many conferences (e.g., The West’s Best), and gave presentations and clinics around the country. He served on the boards of many national physical education organizations and local committees, such as the Seattle Sports Advisory Council. In October of 2011, Bud was honored by the Washington Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance with the presidential commendation.

In 2003, after 34 years, Bud retired from Seattle Public Schools and became an instructor of physical education at Seattle Pacific University.

Bud believes that you should enjoy every day that God gives you. He lives that philosophy through his life and work, and finds happiness in teaching, softball, and his family. Bud delights in teaching and mentoring students. To Bud, teaching is an art, and he creates masterpieces through creativity and unwavering support. Former students have said that Bud helps them to see physical education “outside the box,” and provides them with the tools needed to bring physical activity to all children. Bud’s foundational belief is that every child should be active, and that physical educators are an integral part of a holistic education. A quote on Bud’s door reads: “You aren’t truly educated until you are physically educated.”

While teaching is Bud’s life’s work, softball is his passion. Bud began playing 40 years ago and continues to devote his summers to his “softball family.” This group of master athletes has won five world championships and plays 60 to 70 games every summer. After retirement, softball will be a major component of travel, community, and most of all, joy.

Family is the most important part of Bud’s life. He delights in his wife of 43 years and their shared enthusiasm for teaching and creating new and innovative tools for physical education teachers. He lives close to his children, and is a doting grandfather. Bud’s family also includes all of the teachers he has mentored, softball teammates, and colleagues he has touched with his quiet, steady support, and kindness.

Bud is one of the most creative and energetic PE professionals in the state of Washington. He has served the public school system, and for the past nine years, the students of Seattle Pacific. Bud is a teacher in every sense of the word, and as Henry B. Adams stated, “a teacher affects eternity; no one can tell where the influence stops.” Bud’s influence and passion will be perpetuated in each child he teaches, each new teacher he mentors, and each friend he inspires. We wish continued joy and happiness to our teacher and friend. But most of all: “Play ball!”

Posted: Monday, July 16, 2012