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Education Department Faculty
Algera, Henry.  Department Chair of Alternative Routes to Certification / Assistant Professor of Curriculum and Instruction;  B.A. University of Winnipeg 1989;  B.A. in Education University of Winnipeg 1989;  Master of Arts Providence Coll. and Seminary 2000;  Doctor of Education Seattle Pacific University 2003;  At SPU since 2003. (Contact Info)
Beers, Scott.  Department Chair of Literacy / Assistant Professor of Curriculum and Instruction;  B.A. Yale University 1990;  Master of Arts University of Colorado Boulder 1996;  Doctor of Philosophy University of Washington 2004;  At SPU since 2004. (Contact Info)
Bond, John.  Associate Professor of Education Leadership;  B.A. Western Washington University 1972;  Master of Arts University of Washington 1976;  Doctor of Education Seattle Pacific University 2003;  At SPU since 2008. (Contact Info)
Edwards, Cher.  Department Chair of Counselor Education / Associate Professor of School Counseling;  B.A. Bowling Green State University 1994;  Master of Science University of Dayton 1995;  Doctor of Philosophy Ohio University: Lancaster Cam 2002;  At SPU since 2002. (Contact Info)
Eigenbrood, Rick.  Department Chair of Doctoral Program / Dean, School of Education;  B.A. Dordt College 1974;  Master of Arts University of Washington 1979;  Doctor of Philosophy University of Iowa 1988;  At SPU since 2001. (Contact Info)
Ellis, Art.  Department Chair of Director, Center for Global Curriculum Studies / Professor of Education;  B.S. Oregon College of Education 1962;  Master of Science Oregon College of Education 1965;  Doctor of Education University of Oregon 1968;  At SPU since 1986. (Contact Info)
Fritzberg, Greg.  Professor of Education;  B.A. Pacific Lutheran University 1985;  Master of Arts Fuller Theological Seminary 1992;  Doctor of Philosophy University of Washington 1998;  At SPU since 2001. (Contact Info)
Gritter, Kris.  Assistant Professor of Curriculum and Instruction;  B.A. Calvin College 1991;  Master of Science Florida International Universi 1996;  Doctor of Philosophy Michigan State University 2007;  At SPU since 2007. (Contact Info)
Hartnett, Sharon.  Department Chair of Undergraduate & Post-Baccalaureate Teacher Education / Assistant Professor of Education;  B.A. Whitworth University 1978;  Master of Arts in Teaching Whitworth University 1985;  Doctor of Philosophy Gonzaga University 1999;  At SPU since 2000. (Contact Info)
Hudson, Debby.  Department Chair of Special Education / Assistant Professor of Special Education;  B.A. in Education Pacific Lutheran University 1982;  Master of Education Pacific Lutheran University 1998;  Doctor of Philosophy University of Washington 2008;  At SPU since 2009. (Contact Info)
Hyun, June.  Assistant Professor of Counselor Education;  B.S. Hanyang University 2000;  Master of Science California State University Ba 2005;  Doctor of Philosophy Georgia State University 2009;  At SPU since 2009. (Contact Info)
Kline, Frank.  Department Chair of Associate Dean for Teacher Education / Professor of Education; Associate Dean for Teacher Education;  B.S. Greenville College 1978;  Master of Education Wichita State University 1981;  Doctor of Philosophy University of Kansas 1989;  At SPU since 1996. (Contact Info)
Lumpe, Andrew.  Department Chair of Curriculum & Instruction / Professor of Education; Director, Doctoral Program;  B.A. Washburn University of Topeka 1983;  Master of Science Kansas State Univ 1990;  Doctor of Philosophy Kansas State Univ 1992;  At SPU since 2006. (Contact Info)
Mvududu, Nyaradzo.  Associate Professor of Education;  B.S. University of Zimbabwe 1988;  Master of Bus Administration University of Washington 1996;  Doctor of Education Seattle Pacific University 2002;  At SPU since 2003. (Contact Info)
Nagy, Bill.  Professor of Education;  B.A. Michigan State University 1970;  Doctor of Philosophy University of California San D 1974;  At SPU since 1996. (Contact Info)
Okun, Matt.  Assistant Professor of Education;  B.A. Wesleyan University 1979;  Master of Science University of Bridgeport 1987;  Doctor of Philosophy University of New Mexico 1998;  At SPU since 2009. (Contact Info)
Prenevost, Bill.  Associate Professor of Ed Administration & Supervision;  B.S. Montana State University Bozem 1969;  Master of Education University of Washington 1975;  Doctor of Education University of Washington 1992;  At SPU since 2006. (Contact Info)
Scheuerman, Richard.  Department Chair of Master of Arts in Teaching / Assistant Professor of Curriculum and Instruction;  B.A. Washington State University 1973;  Master of Arts Pacific Lutheran University 1977;  Doctor of Philosophy Gonzaga University 1992;  At SPU since 2004. (Contact Info)
Sink, Christopher.  Professor of Education;  B.A. University of California Irvin 1978;  Master of Science California State University Fu 1981;  Doctor of Philosophy University of California River 1988;  At SPU since 1994. (Contact Info)
Smith, Dick.  Department Chair of Educational Leadership / Professor of Education;  B.A. Seattle Pacific College 1963;  Master of Arts University of Oregon 1968;  Doctor of Philosophy University of Oregon 1972;  At SPU since 1988. (Contact Info)

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