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Clinical Psychology (Ph.D.)
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Clinical Psychology Department Faculty
Bikos, Lynette.  Professor of Clinical Psychology; Director of Research;  B.S.Ed. University of Missouri: Columb 1987;  Master of Arts University of Missouri: Columb 1989;  Doctor of Philosophy University of Kansas 1996;  At SPU since 2005. (Contact Info)
Mezulis, Amy.  Associate Professor of Clinical Psychology;  B.A. Harvard College 1994;  Master of Arts University of California Berke 1996;  Master of Science University of Wisconsin-Madiso 2002;  Doctor of Philosophy University of Wisconsin-Madiso 2005;  At SPU since 2006. (Contact Info)
Skidmore, Jay.  Department Chair of Graduate, Clinical Psychology / Professor and Chair of Clinical Psychology;  B.A. Azusa Pacific University 1976;  Master of Arts California State University Sa 1981;  Doctor of Philosophy Virginia Polytechnic Inst and 1988;  At SPU since 2001. (Contact Info)
Stewart, Dave.  Associate Professor of Clinical Psychology; Director of Clinical Training;  B.A. California State Polytechnic U 1992;  Doctor of Philosophy San Diego State University 1998;  At SPU since 2004. (Contact Info)
Thoburn, John.  Professor of Clinical Psychology;  B.A. University of Kansas 1976;  Master of Divinity Fuller Theological Seminary 1984;  Doctor of Philosophy Fuller Theological Seminary 1991;  At SPU since 1998. (Contact Info)
Wall, Thomas.  Associate Professor of Clinical Psychology;  B.S. University of Washington 1966;  Master of Education University of Washington 1968;  Doctor of Philosophy University of Washington 1974;  At SPU since 2006. (Contact Info)
Webb, Marcia.  Associate Professor of Clinical Psychology; Living Well Faculty Scholar;  B.A. Wheaton College 1985;  Master of Arts Wheaton College 1986;  Doctor of Philosophy Fuller Theological Seminary 1995;  Master of Divinity Fuller Theological Seminary 1995;  At SPU since 1999. (Contact Info)
Wilson, Bev.  Professor of Clinical Psychology; SPFC Research Coordinator;  B.A. California State University Fr 1985;  Master of Arts California State University Fr 1987;  Doctor of Philosophy University of Washington 1994;  At SPU since 1998. (Contact Info)

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