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EDSP 6642: Individual Education Programs (3) Offerings
Classroom presentation centers around the interaction of the disabled child with the school. Topics include federal and state regulations for the education of the disabled; procedures for referral, diagnosis and placement; formation of individual education programs, service models, task analysis and sequencing of skills; formation and evaluation of behavioral objectives; selection of instructional materials and methodology; and classroom organization. (Pre-service emphasis.)
Equivalent Courses:EDSP 4642
EDSP 6644: Educating Exceptional Students (3) Offerings
Examines the learning needs of students with a wide variety of disabilities with a special emphasis on strategies for the inclusion of these students in the general education curriculum. Students will become aware of specific accommodations, modifications, as well as the need for specially designed instruction. Students will also receive an overview of the requirements of special education law as outlined in the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and other legislation.
Restrictions:Doctoral, Graduate, Non-Matriculated, Post-Baccalaureate students only.
EDSP 6646: Severe Disabilities (3) Offerings
Prerequisite: EDSP 3107 or EDSP 6644. Explores the issues surrounding the education of the developmentally disabled person. Includes definitions and classification systems, etiology, theoretical approaches, strategies for educational diagnosis and intervention, family problems and other issues.
Equivalent Courses:EDSP 4646
EDSP 6648: Teaching Students with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders (3) Offerings
Provides special educators with knowledge related to characteristics and inclusion strategies for children and youth with behavior disorders or emotional disturbance.
Equivalent Courses:EDSP 4648
EDSP 6651: Special Education Assessment (3) Offerings
Teaches diagnostic and evaluative procedures commonly used with exceptional children. Includes construction of criterion referenced tests and curriculum based assessment; use and interpretation of formal and informal tests, and procedures and related ethics procedures, and related issues.
Equivalent Courses:EDSP 4561 Restrictions:Undergraduate are excluded.
EDSP 6652: Seminar in Learning Disabilities and ADHD (3) Offerings
Studies the characteristics and educational/social needs associated with learning disabilities. Includes definitions and characteristics, theoretical approaches to learning disabilities, available resources, etiologies and educational approaches to learning disabilities.
Restrictions:Doctoral, Graduate, Non-Matriculated, Post-Baccalaureate students only.
EDSP 6653: Teaching Reading to Exceptional Students (3) Offerings
Prerequisite: EDSP 6644. Focuses on diagnosis of reading strengths and weaknesses; of correlates of reading problems; and analysis and selection of methods and materials for reading instruction of special needs children, including children who speak English as their second language.
Equivalent Courses:EDSP 4653 Restrictions:Education only. Undergraduate are excluded.
EDSP 6657: Behavior Management (3) Offerings
Focuses on an in-depth explanation of applied behavior analysis and classroom management strategies useful in meeting the needs of children and youth with behavioral disabilities.
Equivalent Courses:EDSP 4657 Restrictions:Undergraduate are excluded.
EDSP 6658: Issues in Special Education (3) Offerings
Explores major trends and issues affecting special education, including the rights of the disabled, emerging trends in educational services and major issues surrounding the quality of life of disabled individuals. Open to special education majors only.
Equivalent Courses:EDSP 4899 Restrictions:Education only. Undergraduate are excluded.
EDSP 6931: Practicum (3) Offerings
Provides an opportunity for students to use multiple programs learned in previous methods courses to create an efficient, effective learning environment. May be repeated for credit 2 times.
Restrictions:Doctoral, Graduate, Non-Matriculated, Post-Baccalaureate students only.
EDSP 6950: Topics in Special Education (3) Offerings
Examination of a current topic or issue. May be repeated for credit 2 times.
Restrictions:Doctoral, Graduate, Non-Matriculated, Post-Baccalaureate students only.

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