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LIN 6145: Phonology (3) Offerings
Prerequisite: LIN 2100 or equivalent. Provides a thorough study of sound systems and processes, with problem-solving experience in the analysis of English and other languages. This course is specifically geared to the needs of language teachers.
Restrictions:Undergraduate are excluded.
LIN 6150: Morphology (3) Offerings
Prerequisite: LIN 2100 or equivalent. Features a thorough study of word structures and processes, with problem-solving experience in the analysis of English and other languages.
Restrictions:Undergraduate are excluded.
LIN 6200: Second Language Acquisition (3) Offerings
Prerequisite: LIN 2100 or equivalent. Presents an intensive study of the research literature so that students will become familiar with recent findings on the acquisition of a second language and with the research process.
Equivalent Courses:LIN 4200 Restrictions:Undergraduate are excluded.
LIN 6365: Methods of Foreign Language Teaching (3) Offerings
Prerequisite: LIN 2100 or equivalent. Overviews the theoretical paradigms of second language learning and teaching; definition and evaluation of communicative competence; strategies for teaching skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing; cultural awareness; and selection and development of instructional materials.
Restrictions:Undergraduate are excluded.
LIN 6370: Intensive Grammar (3) Offerings
Provides an intensive review and in-depth study of traditional English grammar with attention to simple and complex phrase and clause structure pro-forms and discourse functions.
Restrictions:Undergraduate are excluded.
LIN 6410: Syntax (3) Offerings
Prerequisite: LIN 2100 or equivalent. Provides an intensive investigation into contemporary English sentence structures through the application of current syntactic theory. Examines basic rule-making and rule-testing in English.
Restrictions:Undergraduate are excluded.
LIN 6430: Sociolinguistics (3) Offerings
Prerequisite: One introductory linguistics course. Explores the effect of social structure (social class, age, gender, and ethnicity) on language variation. Other topics examined include research methodology, language change, bilingualism, language attitudes, language policy, and the sociolinguistics of second language acquisition.
Restrictions:Undergraduate are excluded.
LIN 6601: History of the English Language (3) Offerings
Examines Anglo-Saxon, middle and modern forms of English in historical development and individual language systems. Includes phonology, morphology, syntax and some of the relationships of each language stage to literary expression during its era. Offered alternate years.
Restrictions:Undergraduate are excluded.
LIN 6900: Independent Study (1-5) Offerings
Student works with a faculty member on a mutually agreed upon topic.
Restrictions:Undergraduate are excluded.
LIN 6950: Special Topics (1-5) Offerings
Focuses on topics relating to linguistics. May be repeated for credit 1 time.
Restrictions:Undergraduate are excluded.

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