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2015-2016 Graduate Catalog





Applying for a

Graduate Degree


To be considered for admission into a master's or doctoral program, you must apply online. For more information about the application process, visit The Graduate Center.


General Admission Requirements

To be admitted to a master's degree program at SPU, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. Hold a bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited college or university or its equivalent.
  2. Submit letters of recommendation from at least two people. The letters submitted must come from unrelated individuals familiar with your intended field of study.
  3. Submit official copy of transcript(s) from the college or university that granted your bachelor's degree and any institution attended since that time.
  4. Present a grade point average of at least 3.0 (4.0=A) in the last 45 quarter credits (30 semester credits) of coursework completed before applying for admission or in all undergraduate work, whichever is higher.
  5. Present an acceptable score on the appropriate entrance examination as required by the particular program of study.
  6. Meet the specific entrance requirements given for your intended field of study.
  7. Pay the appropriate application fee.

You also must meet any additional admission requirements of the particular program in which you intend to study.


Additional Admission Requirements

If English is not your first language, you must submit an official, current English-language competency exam score. Refer to the Graduate Admissions website for more information.

International Applicants*: You may be exempted from the English proficiency testing requirement if both of these conditions apply:

  1. You have earned baccalaureate or advanced degrees at Seattle Pacific University or at another regionally accredited college or university in the U.S., or at an accredited university in Australia, Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, or New Zealand.
  2. You have resided for two years in countries where English is the primary language — just prior to applying for an SPU graduate program.

Applicants who are not citizens or permanent residents of the United States must provide an official confidential statement of financial support covering each year of intended enrollment.

*SPU considers an international student to be a native English speaker if both his or her primary and secondary education took place in Australia, Canada (other than Quebec), Great Britain, Ireland, New Zealand, or the United States (other than Puerto Rico).


Applicants with exceptional qualifications and recommendations who meet all requirements except numbers four or five of the admissions requirements may be considered for admission to graduate education at the University on a probationary status.

If you meet all of the admission requirements, but need to complete additional coursework before being admitted to a graduate program, you may be admitted on a provisional status.

If you are admitted on probationary or provisional status, you may enroll for up to 9 credits of graduate-level coursework approved by an advisor in your proposed field of study. If you complete the stipulated 9 credits within a 12-month period with grades of B or better in all courses, you must contact your program chair/advisor to determine whether your status in Banner will be changed to “full admission” or whether you must re-apply.

Any request for more than 9 credits of graduate-level coursework while a probationary or provisional student must be approved in writing by a student’s department chair/advisor.

Students who are fully admitted or placed on probationary status are eligible for up to $20,500 of Stafford loan funds, provided all other eligibility requirements have been met. Students admitted on provisional status are eligible for only up to $12,500 of Stafford loan funds for one consecutive 12-month period.

In accordance with U.S. government regulations, international students admitted on probationary or provisional status are not eligible for F-1 (student) visa status.

Conditional Admission to Master's Degrees in the School of Business, Government, and Economics

Seattle Pacific University’s School of Business, Government, and Economics offers conditional admission to international students who meet our academic and minimum one-year work experience requirements but do not yet meet our English proficiency requirements and/or do not yet have GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) scores.

A student may request conditional admission, and may receive a Conditional Letter of Admission from SPU if conditional admission is granted. Conditional admission assures that a student will be considered for admission if all admission requirements are fully met at the time of intended enrollment.

Conditional Admission is valid for one year from the date of application, and may make it possible for a student to pursue scholarships or sponsorship from the home country government. 


Seattle Pacific University offers five doctoral programs. Refer to the specific doctoral program for admission and program requirements. If you are an international student, refer to the Graduate Admissions website for information about additional admission requirements.


If you would like to re-enroll in any SPU graduate program after an absence of four quarters (one year) have passed, you must reapply to your program. The Graduate Center will inform you if additional materials need to be submitted. 

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