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MFT 6300: Theories of Marriage and Family Therapy I
Acquaints students with the basic theories and methods guiding the practice of family therapy, and the research basis for their use. Students will be encouraged to begin to develop their own personal style of therapy in light of those theories studied. Examines theoretical limitations and strengths in relationship to gender and to culturally diverse case studies. Students will be asked to critique and explore the limitations of each model presented. Class sessions will be divided between lectures and a practical application of theories. With MFT 6303, this course is intended to be the foundational theory course of the program and is taken in the first quarter of enrollment

TermCRNCredits Instructor(s)DaysTime DatesLocationFeesOpen
Autumn 1889 3 Hee-Sun Cheon
Demaray Hall 360
$795/cr 34 open seats Add to Outlook
Restrictions: Marriage and Family Therapy majors only. Graduate only. Grade Modes: (Default) Normal Grading, Audit Instructional Methods: Traditional Note: Full Term