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THEO 6001: Christian Formation in Discipleship:Acts of Piety
This is the first course students take for the M.A. in Theology and the M.Div. degree programs. It is a one-week intensive study that introduces students to the spiritual practices associated with what John Wesley called "works of piety" or the "means of grace." The acts of piety include prayer, worship, celebration of the Lord's supper, the reading and hearing of Scripture, fasting, and mutual accountability and support in small groups. During this week, students live in community together and engage in both the academic study and the practice of these acts of piety. The course is structured vertically to deepen daily personal piety and horizontally to broaden life in community. The practices introduced in this course are then woven into the series of courses that comprise the M.A. and M.Div, degrees. Thus, this initial course provides students with insights and opportunities that are vital to the "abbey" emphasis of the graduate program, and stresses the essential role that acts of piety play in the ongoing life and ministry of the Church.

TermCRNCredits Instructor(s)DaysTime DatesLocationFeesOpen
Autumn 7643 2 Douglas Strong
Camp Casey
Cremona Classrooms 201
$275 *$550/cr 40 open seats Add to Outlook
Restrictions: Graduate only. Grade Modes: (Default) Normal with N, Audit Instructional Methods: Traditional Note: Global Seminars