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Electrical Engineering Major
Electrical Engineering Minor


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FACULTY:  Kevin Bolding, Don Peter, Melani Plett

Electrical Engineering Major
Electrical engineers are instrumental in advancing our society by designing and analyzing components and systems related to electricity, electronics, and electro-magnetism. They are vital to the development of new energy systems, biomedical equipment, computing technologies, telecommunications systems, transportation mechanisms, entertainment systems, and much more.

An education in electrical engineering develops problem-solving and communication skills that are crucial for success in today’s complex global society. Moreover, an electrical engineering graduate is well prepared for a versatile set of rewarding and challenging professional options.

Electrical engineering students at Seattle Pacific University enjoy the combination of a Christ-centered liberal education with a high-quality program accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET, www.abet.org.

Suggested schedules and other advising documents are available on the EE academic page of the Engineering Department Website.

Course Requirements for the Electrical Engineering Major

Notes for Electrical Engineering Major Course Requirements

  1. Students are required to pass the SPU chemistry proficiency exam (score 75% or higher) or take CHM 1100.
  2. All EE majors must pass (50% or higher on both sections) a practice version of the Fundamentals of Engineering exam.
  3. Incoming transfer students who do not take EE 2726 Circuits I at SPU must take EGR 3402 Introduction to Engineering II.

Electrical Engineering Minor

The electrical engineering minor requires 22 credits of core courses and 15 credits of upper-division EE courses.

Course Requirements for the Electrical Engineering Minor

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