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Latin American Studies: Spanish

Latin American Studies: Spanish Major
Latin American Studies: Spanish Minor


Marston Hall

FACULTY:  Robert Baah, Kathryn Bartholomew, Michelle Beauclair, Owen Ewald, Katya Nemtchinova, Eric Vogt, Michael Ziemann
Spanish Faculty: Robert Baah and Eric Vogt

Robert Baah, Contact Person

Latin American Studies

In support of the SPU mission to cultivate graduates of competence and character, the Latin American Studies/Spanish major and minor programs seek to further the linguistic and cultural competence of our students by affording them stimulating and demanding opportunities in classroom settings and overseas. The Latin American Studies option focuses on the Spanish-speaking regions of our hemisphere, in other words, most of the “New World.”

The diversity of peoples and cultures in our hemisphere also includes many native American peoples whose influence is strongly felt and increasingly important in every aspect of life. U.S. relations with Latin America are examined from historical and current perspectives, with an emphasis on cultural literacy and competence in interpersonal relations. Among many goals of this option is that of enabling students to discern issues surrounding the roles of the many nations of our hemisphere in the modern world and hence become responsible citizens of our country where U.S. relations with them are concerned.

The Latin American Studies major and minor are designed for students who wish to specialize in Spanish with a Latin American emphasis. Students who complete the major are expected to achieve the stated level of language proficiency in Spanish and to have completed the base credits and the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities' semester-long program in Costa Rica or an approved alternative.

All Latin American Studies majors must make a presentation in The Symposium (formerly The European Symposium) before graduation. This presentation is normally done during the senior year. Students must complete all non-credited and language proficiency requirements found on the Languages department page.

Admission to the Latin American Studies-Spanish Major or Minor
Applicants for a major or minor in Latin American Studies: Spanish must have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher in all college work applicable to the BA degree and a 2.5 GPA in 10 credits of coursework at SPU in Languages, Cultures and Linguistics and/or Latin American Studies.

A student must complete the Latin American Studies: Spanish major or minor requirements in effect when the student is admitted to the major or minor. Requirements for the Latin American Studies: Spanish major.

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