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BS in Physics
BA in Physics
BA in Physics with Education Focus
Physics Minor


Otto Miller Hall

FACULTY:Kara†Gray, Matt†Lautenschlager, John†Lindberg, Amy†Robertson, Lane†Seeley, Stamatis†Vokos

Physics studies the changes, interactions, and properties of matter and energy. As a result, physics strongly influences humankindís understanding of nature. In addition, as engineers create new technology based on the principles first discovered by physicists, the social economics and political structures of society changes.

The Department of Physics is dedicated to educating and preparing students for a variety of careers in science, education, engineering, and business. We seek to provide a broad program of studies in theoretical and applied physics informed by a Christian worldview, graduating students who are equipped for continued graduate study, professional careers, and service.

A variety of laboratory equipment is available to SPU students to support coursework and independent-study activities. Otto Miller Hall contains dedicated teaching laboratories, upper-division research space, and upper-division laboratory facilities.

Admission to the Major
Admission and GPA requirement: A minimum 2.5 GPA (cumulative in all courses required for the major taken at SPU) is required for admission to the Physics major. Additionally, a minimum 2.0 (C grade) must be earned in PHY 2321, and a minimum 1.7 (C- grade) must be earned in every other course required for the major. A student must complete the major requirements in effect when the student is admitted to the major.

Admission to the Minor
Applicants for minors in Physics must display an average GPA of 2.5 or higher (4.0 = A) in at least two physics courses. A student must complete the minor requirements in effect when the student is admitted to the minor.

Requirements for the Physics Minor

BS in Physics
99 credits, including 47 upper-division
In addition to the course requirements, the student must complete a senior research project. The BS Physics major provides preparation for graduate studies or professional careers in physics. PHY4899 is offered for 1 credit, but must be taken two times to meet the requirement. 

Requirements for the Physics BS Major

BA in Physics

58 credits, including 36 upper-division 

This option is suited for students preparing to teach physics at the secondary level or for students majoring in other science, math, or engineering disciplines.

Requirements for the Physics BA Major

Integrated Studies Major with a concentration in Natural Sciences
(For students seeking K-8 certification)

Students students who are planning to obtain Residency Teacher Certification and are interested in physics must major in the Integrated Studies major with a concentration in natural sciences. 

  • The concentration consists of courses in biology, physics, and chemistry.

Requirements for Integrated Studies: Natural Sciences concentration
Requirements for Elementary Certification

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