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Professional Health Science Graduate School Admissions Checklists

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Checklist: Third or Fourth SPU Years

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Application Year (Fourth Year or Post-Graduate Year)

  • Take PPHS 2400 no later than the winter prior to the summer of application. All pre-health students who will be submitting summer applications, regardless of whether they participate in the SPU committee system, will learn about the specifics of their program's application service, process, guidelines, and timelines in PPHS 2400, so it is critical to take this class no later than the winter prior to the summer of application. PPHS 2400 can be taken two times and can be audited if necessary.
  • If you are in a program where the SPU PPHS Committee system is either required or recommended, make arrangements with the PPHS coordinator and administrative assistant for an interview with the PPHS Advisory Committee during the Spring Quarter of the year you plan to submit applications. For the SPU PPHS Committee evaluation process to begin, you are required to submit your personal statement (rough draft), a preliminary résumé, and copies of all transcripts. These materials are submitted to the PPHS administrative assistant at the beginning of Spring Quarter of your application year.
  • Following the interview, the PPHS coordinator will discuss the interview and the committee's assessment of your credentials. Based on the feedback from the committee, an appropriate committee letter of evaluation will be written and sent to the schools to which you apply.
  • Letters from outside sources are due to the coordinator in the early summer of your application year. These outside letters are a part of the committee evaluation process and are submitted directly from the coordinator's office to the professional school's admission office.  Committee evaluation letters are confidential and are sent directly to the professional school's admission office.
  • Medical and dental school applicants submit a “primary” application in June or early July of their application year, as do applicants for physician assistant programs.
  • Deadlines for other programs range from later summer to early fall of the application year. Most programs have rolling admission policies, and thus the earlier, the better.
  • Applicants who have a “primary” application service will use the few months following the primary application submission to complete “secondary” applications, which are individualized applications for each graduate health school.

Note: Submitting an application close to the “apply by” date demonstrates procrastination or a lack of interest in the program. Your application will likely be rejected, resulting in a very expensive and fruitless application year.

  • Be sure that all necessary materials have been forwarded to the primary application service or sent directly to the graduate schools as directed or requested by these organizations. (i.e., transcripts, recommendations, and test scores). Complete all secondary applications in a timely and thorough manner.
  • To be eligible for financial aid, complete the FAFSA form. Consider other means of financing if necessary and if standard FAFSA timing applies. Complete all scholarship and loan applications as directed by the schools and as soon as possible.
  • In early Autumn Quarter of the application year, continue to evaluate your admission potential and prepare for interviews. Continue to discuss the application process with the PPHS coordinator.
  • Notify your instructors if you have been selected for interviews and will need to travel when classes are in session.
  • As the application year progresses, send any additional items (i.e., new experiences, scholarships or honors awarded, and recent grades) to the schools considering your application.
  • If you are admitted to the school of your choice, submit the required deposit as soon as possible to ensure your seat in that school’s entering class. Notify all other schools in which you are no longer interested as a courtesy to them. Begin your transition plan (i.e., loans, housing, and moving) — and congratulations.
  • If you are placed on the waiting list, continue to add to your record all additional credits, honors, experiences, etc., to strengthen your application. Let the school know of your strong interest in its program.
  • If you are not admitted, consider and discuss alternatives with the PPHS coordinator.


Checklist: First Two SPU Years

Checklist: Third or Fourth SPU Year(s)

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