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EDMA 3000: Math Methods I:Teachg K-8 Math (2) Offerings
Prerequisite: MAT 3562 or permission of Instructor. Examines contemporary curricula and materials for teaching K-8 mathematics, with an emphasis on research, learning theory, pedagogy, methods and the use of technology. Attention is given to the NCTM Standards and Washington State K-12 Learning Standards/Common Core State Standards.
EDMA 3357: Teaching Secondary Mathematics (3) Offerings
Prerequisite: EDU 2104. Overviews content methods and strategies appropriate to the teaching of secondary school mathematics. Attention is given to developing standards of mathematical practice through the NCTM standards and Washington State K-12 Learning Standards/Common Core State Standards. Emphasis is also placed on problem solving. Recommended prior to or concurrent with first-quarter internship.
Attributes:Upper-Division Restrictions:Freshman, Sophomore students are excluded.
EDMA 4000: Math Methods II:Tchng K-8 Math (2) Offerings
Prerequisite: EDMA 3000. Seminar to examine the application of methods for teaching K-8 mathematics in a related field experience and explore contemporary issues in teaching K-8 mathematics. Special attention is given to developing instruction that integrates mathematical process standards of problem solving, reasoning, communication, connections, and representation noted in the NCTM Standards, the Washington State K-12 Learning Standards/Common Core State Standards, and the Third International Mathematics and Science Study.

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