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Library Faculty



Carrie Fry, Sciences Librarian; Instructor; B.S., Seattle Pacific University, 1992; M.L.S., Indiana University-Bloomington, 1993. At SPU since 1998.

Liz Gruchala-Gilbert, College of Arts and Sciences Librarian; Assistant Professor; B.A., State University of New York-Buffalo, 1989; M.A.T., Vanderbilt University, 1990; M.L.S., University of Washington, 1997. At SPU since 2001.

Kristen Hoffman, Psychology and Scholarly Communications Librarian; Instructor; B.A., Seattle Pacific University, 2004; M.L.I.S., San Jose State University, 2009. At SPU since 2013.

Adrienne Meier, Social Sciences Librarian and University Archivist; Instructor; B.A., Seattle Pacific University, 2004; M.L.I.S., University of Washington, 2009. At SPU since 2005.

Becky Paulson, Acquisitions Librarian; Assistant Professor; B.R.E., Prairie Bible College, 1992; B.A., Northwest University, 1999; M.L.I.S., University of Washington, 2001; M.B.A., Seattle Pacific University, 2010. At SPU since 2001.

Michael Paulus, University Librarian; Associate Professor; B.A., University of Washington, 1993; M.Div., Princeton Theological Seminary, 2002; M.L.I.S., Rutgers University, 2004. At SPU since 2011.

Stephen Perisho, Theology and Philosophy Librarian; Associate Professor; B.A., George Fox College, 1984; M.Div., Princeton Theological Seminary, 1990; Th.M., Princeton Theological Seminary, 1998; M.L.I.S., Rutgers University, 2002. At SPU since 2002.

Cindy Strong, Education and Business Librarian; Instructor; B.A., American University, 1997; M.L.S., University of Maryland, 2004. At SPU since 2009.

Natalee Vick, Technical Services Librarian; Instructor; B.A., University of Montana, 1988; M.L.S., University of Washington, 1993. At SPU since 1999.


Emeriti Faculty


Roger Anderson, Physics; B.S., University of Washington, 1951; Ph.D., 1961. At SPU 1961-1997. Emeritus since 2000.
Ed Bauman, Electrical Engineering; B.S.E.E, University of Minnesota, 1955; M.S., Aeronautics and Astronautics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1960; Ph.D., University of California-Los Angeles, 1966. At SPU 1985–2000. Emeritus since 2000.
Janet Leslie Blumberg, English, B.A., University of Washington, 1968; M.A., 1969; Ph.D., Harvard University, 1976; At SPU 1974–2001. Emerita since 2001.

Barbara J. Bovy, Family & Consumer Sciences; B.S., University of Idaho, 1960; M.A., University of Washington 1971; Ph.D., University of Washington, 1979. At SPU 1978–2008. Emerita since 2008.
R. Reed Boyce, Urban and Regional Studies; B.S., University of Utah, 1956; M.S., 1957; Ph.D., University of Washington, 1961. At SPU 1976–1997. Emeritus since 1997.
Janet B. Buck, Mathematics; B.S., Seattle Pacific College, 1955. At SPU 1957–1996. Emerita since 1996.

Charles H. Burris Jr., Computer Science; B.S., University of Utah, 1965; M.S., University of Utah, 1967; Ph.D., University of New Mexico, 1974. At SPU 1982–2006. Emeritus since 2006.

Michael Caldwell, Art; B.S., University of Oregon, 1968; M.F.A., University of Oregon, 1970. At SPU 1970–2006. Emeritus since 2006.
Robert Chamberlain, Communication; B.A., Cascade College, 1961; M.S., University of Oregon, 1967; Ph.D., 1972. At SPU 1978– 1999. Emeritus since 1999.
Gordon E. Cochrane, Sociology; B.A., Seattle Pacific College, 1950; M.A., 1957; Ph.D., University of Southern California, 1968. At SPU 1965–1989. Emeritus since 1989.
David Dickerson, Vice President for Academic Affairs; B.A., Greenville College, 1955; M.A., University of Southern California, 1958; Ph.D., 1964. At SPU 1976–1992. Emeritus since 1992.

Douglas Durasoff, Political Science; B.A., Michigan State University, 1966; M.Phil., Yale University, 1969; Ph.D., Yale University, 1978; At SPU 1986-2010. Emeritus since 2010.

Ruby M. Englund, Nursing; B.S., Gustavus Adolphus College, 1964; Master of Nursing, University of Washington, 1965. At SPU 1970–2007. Emerita since 2007.
Joyce Quiring Erickson, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences; English. B.A., North Central College, 1965; M.A., University of Washington, 1966; Ph.D., University of Washington, 1970. At SPU 1969–1983; 1992–2003. Emerita since 2003.

Gary R. Fick, Library; B.A., State University of New York-Buffalo, 1971; M.S., 1973; M.L.S., 1974; M.A., University of Washington, 1983. At SPU 1974-2013. Emeritus since 2013.
Kenneth Foreman, Physical Education; B.S., University of Southern California, 1949; M.S., University of Washington, 1954; Ed.D., University of Southern California, 1962. At SPU 1964–2001. Emeritus since 2001.
Susan Franklin, Education; B.A., University of Washington; M.Ed., Seattle Pacific University, 1990. At SPU 1985–2002; Emerita since 2002.

Mary Ellen Fry, Nursing; B.S.N., University of Washington, 1966; M.S.N., University of Washington, 1972; Ph.D., Oregon Health Science University, 1994; At SPU 1969-2009. Emerita since 2009.
Fan Mayhall Gates, English; B.A., Baylor University, 1956; M.A., Mississippi State University, 1963. At SPU 1963–1999. Emerita since 1999.
Evette Hackman, Family and Consumer Sciences; B.S., University of Nebraska, 1964; M.S., University of Kansas, 1966; Ph.D., University of Washington, 1980. At SPU 1991–2004. Emerita since 2004.
Joy F. Hammersla, Psychology; B.A., Seattle Pacific College, 1954; M.S., University of Washington, 1962; Ph.D., 1974. At SPU 1981–1996. Emerita since 1996.
Patricia Hammill, Education; B.A., University of Washington, 1969; M.Ed., 1974; Ph.D., 1987. At SPU 1988–2002. Emerita since 2002.
Ruth Hansen, Education; B.A., Seattle Pacific College, 1950. At SPU 1968–1991. Emerita since 1991.
Shirley Harlow, Nursing; B.A., University of Oregon, 1948; B.S., 1951; M.A., New York University, 1965. At SPU 1976–1988. Emerita since 1988.
Daniel L. Harris, Business; B.A., Westmont College, 1963; M.B.A., University of California at Los Angeles, 1965; Ph.D., 1970. At SPU 1970–1990. Emeritus since 1990.
Chester A. Hausken, Statistics and Research; B.A., St. Olaf College, 1951; M.A., University of Northern Colorado, 1956; Ed.D., 1963. At SPU 1982–1997. Emeritus since 1997.
Doris Brown Heritage, Physical Education; B.S., Seattle Pacific College, 1964; M.Ed., 1975. At SPU 1969–2002. Emerita since 2002.

Emily Wurster Hitchens, Nursing; B.S., University of Washington, 1965; M.S., University of Washington 1967; Ed.D., Seattle University, 1988. At SPU 1981–2008. Emerita since 2008.
Robert Hughson, Physics and Electrical Engineering; B.S., Seattle Pacific College, 1959; M.S., University of Washington, 1961; At SPU 1961–2003. Emeritus since 2003.

Barbara S. Innes, Nursing; B.S.N., University of Washington, 1963; M.S., University of California-San Francisco, 1969; Ed.D., Seattle University, 1989. At SPU 1976–2006. Emerita since 2006.
Walter H. Johnson, Philosophy and Religion; B.A., Greenville College, 1940; B.D., McCormick Theological Seminary, 1943; Th.D., Northern Baptist Theological Seminary, 1947. At SPU 1964–1980. Emeritus since 1980.

Lucille Kelley, Dean of the School of Health Sciences; Nursing; B.S.N., University of Connecticut, 1969; M.N., University of Washington, 1973; Ph.D., 1990. At SPU 1985-2012. Emerita since 2012.
Eletta Kennison, Education; B.A., University of Washington, 1972; M.Ed., 1978; Ed.D., 1991. At SPU 1974–2000. Emerita since 2000.

Kenneth E. Knight, Information Systems and Management; B.S., Yale University, 1959; M.S., Carnegie Mellon University, 1961; Ph.D., Carnegie Mellon University 1964. At SPU 1988–2008. Emeritus since 2008.
Harriett N. Kovacevich, Education; B.A., Whitman College, 1955; M.Ed., Seattle Pacific University, 1979. At SPU 1966–1996. Emerita since 1996.
Karl Krienke Jr., Mathematics, Physics, and Computer Science; B.A., Seattle Pacific College, 1953; M.A., 1955; M.S., University of Washington, 1959; M.S., 1969; Ph.D., 1973. At SPU 1953–1997. Emeritus since 1997.
Robert Larson, Sociology; B.A., Augsburg College, 1956; M.A., University of Washington, 1966. At SPU 1966–1992. Emeritus since 1993.
Jack Lattin, Accounting; B.A., University of Washington, 1947. At SPU 1977–1986. Emeritus since 1986.
Frank Leddusire, European Studies/Russian and Linguistics; B.A., Seattle Pacific College, 1956; B.D., Asbury Theological Seminary, 1958; Ph.D., University of Washington, 1972; IREX Scholar at Moscow State University, Russia, 1975. At SPU 1962–1966 and 1969–1997. Emeritus since 1997.

Eugene E. Lemcio, Theology; B.S., Houghton College, 1964; M.Div., Asbury College, 1968; Ph.D., Trinity College, University of Cambridge, 1975. At SPU 1974-2010. Emeritus since 2010.
Paul Lepse, Chemistry; B.S., Seattle Pacific College, 1958; Ph.D., University of Washington, 1961; National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Munich, 1961–1962. At SPU 1963–2002. Emeritus since 2002.
Wesley E. Lingren, Chemistry; B.S., Seattle Pacific College, 1952; M.S., University of Washington, 1954; Ph.D., 1962; National Science Foundation Science Faculty Fellow, Yale University, 1967–1968. At SPU 1958–1998. Emeritus since 1998.

Michael H. Macdonald, European Studies/German & Philosophy; B.A., Pacific Lutheran University, 1963; M.A., University of Washington, 1964; Ph.D., University of Washington, 1974. At SPU 1967–2007. Emeritus since 2007.
Marcile C. Mack, Music; Dean of the School of Fine and Performing Arts; B.Mus., Cleveland Institute of Music, 1942; Mus.M., 1946. At SPU 1955–1990. Emerita since 1990.
Tim Malm, Art; B.A., Seattle Pacific College, 1975; B.F.A., University of Washington, 1978; M.F.A. University of Hawaii at Manoa, 1980. At SPU 1976–2001. Emeritus since 2001.
Gerry Marsh, Music; B.A., Northwest Nazarene University, 1967; M.M., University of Oregon, 1968; At SPU 1998-2013. Emeritus since 2013.

Vicki E. McClurg, Nursing; B.S., Seattle Pacific College, 1970; M.N., University of Washington, 1981. At SPU 1981–1998. Emerita since 1998.

Delbert S. McHenry Jr., Psychology; B.A., Central Washington State College, 1967; M.S., Central Washington University, 1968; Ph.D., Michigan State University, 1973. At SPU 1973–2006. Emeritus since 2006.
Lloyd J. Montzingo, Mathematics; B.A., Houghton College, 1949; M.A., State University of New York at Buffalo, 1951; Ph.D., 1961. At SPU 1962–1992. Emeritus since 1992.

Kenneth Moore, Biology; B.A., Evangel University, 1960; M.A., University of Missouri Kansas City, 1963; Ph.D., University of New Mexico Albuquerque, 1975. At SPU 1974–2007. Emeritus since 2007.

Howard Mount, Accounting; Vice President for Business and Finance, B.A., Washington State University, 1961; C.P.A., 1965; M.B.A., University of Puget Sound, 1983. At SPU 1975–1998. Emeritus since 1996.
Raymond E. Myers, Education; B.S., Wayne State University, 1963; M.S., Oregon State University, 1968; Ed.D., 1978. At SPU 1987–2005. Emeritus since 2005.
Annalee R. Oakes, Nursing; Dean of the School of Health Sciences; B.S.N., University of Washington, 1970; M.A., 1971; Ed.D., Seattle University, 1988. At SPU 1971–1998. Emerita since 1998.
Charles A. Olson, Mathematics; B.A.Ed., Western Washington University, 1963; M.A.T., Washington State University, 1968; Ph.D., University of Washington, 1977. At SPU 1981–1995. Emeritus since 1995.
Lorelie Olson, Education; B.A.Ed., Pacific Lutheran University, 1961; M.Ed., Seattle Pacific College, 1968; Ed.D., Seattle University, 1991. At SPU 1976–1999. Emerita since 1999.
Marilyn H. Poysky, Nursing; B.A., University of Washington, 1964; M.S., University of California, 1968. At SPU 1987–2003. Emerita since 2003.

Philip R. Prins, Computer Science; B.A., Humboldt State University, 1976, 1978; M.S., University of Idaho, 1984; Ph.D., 1993. At SPU 1992-2012. Emeritus since 2012.
Rose Reynoldson, English; B.A., University of Washington, 1971; M.A., 1974. At SPU 1977–1993. Emerita since 1993.
Annette Robinson, Education; B.A., University of Washington, 1966; M.Ed., 1969; Ph.D., 1976. At SPU 1977–2001. Emerita since 2001.
Christina Horst Roseman, Classics; B.A., University of Washington, 1957; M.A., 1972; Ph.D., 1983. At SPU 1973–2001. Emerita since 2001.
William A. Rosenberger, Education and Administration; A.B., Roberts Wesleyan College, 1951; M.A., Michigan State University, 1955. At SPU 1976–1993. Emeritus since 1993.
Carl Roseveare, Education; B.A., Seattle Pacific College, 1955; M.Ed., University of Arizona, 1957; Ed.D., University of Arizona, 1965. At SPU 1973–1998. Emeritus since 1998.
William J. Rowley, Education; B.A. Pasadena College, 1962; M.A., San Jose State College, 1967; Ed.D., University of Northern Colorado, 1973. At SPU 1996–2008. Emeritus since 2008.

Lynn Samford, Physical Education; B.A., University of Wyoming, 1950; M.Ed., Central Washington University, 1961. At SPU 1982–1992. Emeritus since 1993.
Marilyn S. Severson, French; B.A., Willamette University, 1962; M.A., University of Pittsburgh, 1964; Ph.D., University of Colorado, 1973. At SPU 1979–2004. Emerita since 2004.
Ross F. Shaw, Biology; B.S., Seattle Pacific College, 1952; M.A., University of South Dakota, 1958; Ph.D., University of Iowa, 1961. At SPU 1965–1996. Emeritus since 1996.
Peter Smith, Education; B.S.Ed, Oregon College of Education, 1962.; M.S.Ed., 1966; Ph.D., University of Washington, 1974. At SPU 1970–2002. Emeritus since 2002.

Richard A. Smith, Education; B.A., Seattle Pacific College, 1963; M.A., University of Oregon, 1968; Ph.D., 1972. At SPU 1988–2011. Emeritus since 2012.
Lilyan Snow, Nursing; B.S., San Jose State University, 1970; M.S., 1973; Ph.D., University of Washington, 1983. At SPU 1984–1998. Emerita since 1998.

Les Steele, Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs; Theology; B.A., Azusa Pacific, 1975; M.A., 1976; Ph.D., Claremont Graduate School, 1984. At SPU 1985–2012. Emeritus since 2012.
Myrthalyne C. Thompson, Psychology; B.S., Akron University, 1953; M.S., 1955; Ph.D., Purdue University, 1958. At SPU 1968–1987. Emerita since 1987.
Kenneth D. Tollefson, Anthropology; B.S., Manhattan Bible College, 1958; M.Div., Asbury Theological Seminary, 1961; M.A., University of Oklahoma, 1965; Ph.D., University of Washington, 1976. At SPU 1965–1996. Emeritus since 1996.
F. Wesley Walls, Political Science; B.A., Greenville College, 1937; M.A., University of Washington, 1943; Ph.D., 1958. At SPU 1941–1967 and 1969–1981. Emeritus since 1981.
Stella Warnick, Family and Consumer Sciences; B.S., University of Alberta, 1956; M.A., University of Washington, 1970; Ph.D., 1989. At SPU 1974–2001. Emerita since 2001.
Hubert Wash, Music; A.B., Greenville College, 1943; M.M.Ed., Illinois Wesleyan University, 1960; Ph.D., Michigan State University, 1971. At SPU 1951–1955, 1976–1979, and 1981–1988. Emeritus since 1988.
Cathryn Washington, Health Sciences; B.S.N., Duke University, 1965; M.S., University of Maryland, 1971; Certificate: Primary Care Practitioner, University of Maryland, 1974; Ph.D., University of Kansas, 1987. At SPU 1988–2002. Emerita since 2002.

Robert D. Weathers, Physical Education; B.S.S.E., John Brown University, 1967; M.Ed., University of Arkansas, 1969; Ed.D., Brigham Young University, 1975. At SPU 1978-2010. Emeritus since 2010.
Raymond J. Wells, Philosophy and Religion; B.A., Seattle Pacific College, 1946; S.T.B., New York Theological Seminary, 1949; S.T.M., 1950; Ph.D., University of Edinburgh, Scotland, 1955. At SPU 1967– 1993. Emeritus since 1993.
Vernon Wicker, Music; B.M., Biola College, 1961; M.M., Indiana University, 1964; Goethe Institute, Germany, 1964; D.M.A., University of Oregon, 1979. At SPU 1979–2002. Emeritus since 2002.
Dick A. Wood, Mathematics and Computer Science; B.S., California State College at Long Beach, 1961; M.A., 1962; Ph.D., University of Montana, 1976. At SPU 1963–1965, 1968–1979, and 1984–2003. Emeritus since 2003.

Martha Worcester, Nursing; B.S., California State University Chico, 1962; M.S., University of California San Francisco, 1964; Ph.D., University of Washington, 1990. At SPU 1989–2007. Emerita since 2007.




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