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Board of Trustees

Dennis M. Weibling, Chair

Frederick J. Stabbert, Vice Chair
Matthew H. Whitehead, Secretary
Victor C. Moses, Treasurer


 Trustee Term(s) of Service   From
A. Gary Ames 2002-14; 2010-11 (Honorary)  Bainbridge Island, Wash.
 Douglas D. Backous 2010-13  Bellevue, Wash.
 Clyde Ballard 2009-15  E. Wenatchee, Wash.
 Kathleen Cummins 2008-14  Seattle, Wash.
 Harvey Drake Jr. 2005-14  Renton, Wash.
 Ryan R. Hamlin  2011-14  Redmond, Wash.
V. James Mannoia  2013-  Santa Barbara, Calif.
 Daniel J. Martin* 2012-  Seattle, Wash.
 Daryl Miller 2012-15  Mukilteo, Wash.
 Frederick J. Stabbert* 1997-2006; 2007-13  Bainbridge Is, Wash.
 Richard E. Stearns 2009-15  Clyde Hill, Wash.
 Bradley P. Thoreson 2010-13  Shoreline, Wash.
 Dennis M. Weibling* 2002-12  Clyde Hill, Wash.
 Matthew H. Whitehead* 1995-  Shoreline, Wash.


* Executive Committee


Honorary Trustee Term(s) of Service From
 Matthew A. Thomas 2007- Mead, Wash.
 Joel D. VanderHoek 2010- Seattle, Wash.



 Emeriti Trustees Years of Service  From
 Roger H. Eigsti 1998-2000, 2001-06  Seattle, Wash.
 V.O. McDole 1972-95  Stanwood, Wash.
 Joel H. Paget

1971-96, 1999-2005

 Bellevue, Wash.
 Leonard C. Root 1968-92  Seattle, Wash.


(as of February 2013)

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