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Living on Campus
The educational mission of Seattle Pacific University is not limited to the classroom experience. Faculty and staff members realize that the collegiate years are a period of significant developmental change for most students. It is in the context of community that the University can best fulfill its educational mission to the “whole person.”

Living in community offers many opportunities for fulfillment and growth. Students will meet many different people and have the chance to form lasting friendships. They will also have the opportunity to nurture their faith as they consider viewpoints other than their own. Our hope is that they will develop an appreciation and respect for their peers as they find their own unique ways to contribute to the group.

In addition to the community standards for all students, students living on campus have the responsibility to uphold residential policies, which are designed to provide a positive learning environment for all students. (Please refer to the Student Handbook.)

The Residential Living Requirement. Since it was founded in 1891, Seattle Pacific University has been committed to the education of the whole person. For this reason, the residential experience is considered an integral part of a student’s education. Research shows that students who belong to a campus residential community have a more productive and, ultimately, more satisfying college experience than those who live off campus.

A two-year guarantee of housing (six consecutive quarters) is given to first-time freshmen. SPU strongly encourages students to live on campus subsequent quarters as space is available. The Residential Living Requirement is evaluated yearly to support the residential experience, as well as respond to housing demand.

For the 2014-15 academic year, students are required to live on campus unless:

  • They are 20 years or older prior to the first day of class for the quarter for which they are applying.
  • They live at home with parent(s), legal guardian, spouse, or dependent children.
  • They are a graduate student.
  • They are enrolled for 8 credits or less.

If you do not fulfill one or more of these requirements and believe you have a situation that warrants special consideration, you may petition the Office of Residence Life for an exemption. Approval is granted for only exceptional need or hardship.

Any student living off campus without the approval of the Office of Residence Life will not be permitted to register until he or she is in compliance. Petitions must be received no later than July 15 for the subsequent academic year. For more information, call the Office of Residence Life at 206-281-2043.

Campus Housing
Undergraduates. SPU provides housing for approximately 1,800 undergraduate students in residence halls, apartments, and houses.

Ashton, Hill, and Moyer are traditional residence halls, consisting of two- and three-person rooms and common-bathroom facilities. Emerson Hall and the New Residence Hall (opening fall 2014) feature suite-style rooms; the typical configuration is a double or triple room on either side of a connecting bathroom. All rooms are furnished and include cable television service and Internet access. Residence halls are closed during Christmas and Spring Breaks.

Campus houses and apartments accommodate two or more residents, depending on the size. Each unit is fully furnished and includes Internet, cable TV, and utilities.

Students must be admitted to the University before applying for housing. New students are prioritized by the date their admissions applications are received (the earlier your date, the higher your priority) and are assigned according to the preferences provided on the Campus Housing Application. First-time freshmen are eligible for the residence halls and transfers are eligible for the residence halls and the campus apartments. If demand for campus housing exceeds supply, priority will be given to students who are required to live on campus (see Residential Living Requirement).

Beginning in April, admitted undergraduates will receive a Campus Living booklet with instructions on how to apply for housing. If a student is admitted after April 1, the packet will be mailed within two weeks of the student’s admission date. For more information, call Housing and Meal Plan Services at 206-281-2188.

Families and Graduate Students. SPU also has limited housing options available for students with families, graduate students, and non-traditional aged students (25 years and older).

Family, Graduate, and Non-Traditional Aged Student Housing consists of houses, apartments, and duplexes, located on campus or within walking distance. Units range from one to three bedrooms. Water, sewer, garbage, and basic cable are included in the rent. Each tenant is responsible for electricity, gas, and phone. Students must be admitted to the University to apply. Only the student, his or her spouse and/or dependent children under age 18 (age 24, if attending college full time) may occupy campus housing. For more information, call Housing and Meal Plan Services at 206-281-2188.

Housing Accommodations for Students With Disabilities
Students requesting special housing accommodations due to a documented disability should inform the coordinator for Disability Support Service (DSS) in the Center for Learning. For Autumn Quarter housing accommodations, new students must contact the Coordinator for DSS by June 1 and returning students must notify the Coordinator for DSS by April 1. For Winter and Spring quarters, requests should be submitted six weeks prior to the start of the quarter. For more information on services and accommodations for students with disabilities see the Disability Support Services section under the Center for Learning.

Seattle Pacific has staff in residence to help students adapt to living in community on campus.

  • Peer advisors (PAs) are student leaders who live on each residence hall floor and in the campus apartments. PAs are trained to provide leadership to the residents and plan activities and programs.
  • Residence life coordinators (RLCs) are professional staff members who live in each residence hall. They train and work with the PAs and oversee the administration of the building.
  • Student ministry coordinators (SMCs) live in the halls and focus specifically on meeting students’ spiritual needs.

Residence hall students elect a hall council executive committee each year to oversee the hall budget, plan activities, and represent them at the Student Senate. Students may choose to become a hall council member and serve as a floor representative at meetings within the hall.

Campus Dining

Our main dining facility, Gwinn Commons, offers an inviting atmosphere and a menu to accommodate student preferences. SPU also has a campus convenience store (Corner Place Market), several retail restaurants (Falcon’s Landing and Sandella's Flatbread Cafe). Espresso drinks and snacks are served at Academic Perks in Falcon’s Landing and Common Grounds in Weter Lounge.

Gwinn Commons provides food service beginning with the evening meal the day residence halls open and ending with the evening meal on the last day of finals. Food service is not provided in Gwinn Commons or Falcon’s Landing (including Academic Perks) during Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Spring breaks. Retail hours are subject to change.

Residence Halls. All students who reside in Ashton, Hill, Emerson, Moyer, and the New Residence Hall are required to choose a quarterly meal plan, either the Unlimited or a Weekly Block plan. Meal plans are nontransferable. There are no refunds or adjustments made for meals missed. Meal plan changes may be made at the end of each quarter to be effective the following quarter. Please refer to the specific dates online.


Campus Apartments. Although not required to have one, students living in campus apartments may choose any meal plan, including a Block 25 (25 entrances into Gwinn Commons), Block 50 (50 entrances into Gwinn Commons), or Advantage Points. Block 25, Block 50, and Advantage Point plans are nonrefundable.

Additional information regarding meal plans is available from Housing and Meal Plan Services at 206-281-2188.

Room and Meal Plan Contract

The Student Handbook is incorporated in and is binding as part of the Room and Meal Plan Contract. The University reserves the right to make changes to the contract as appropriate. It is the student’s responsibility to read and comprehend the University regulations including those in the Room and Meal Plan Contract, Student Handbook, and the current Undergraduate Catalog.

A Room and Meal Plan Contract remains in effect until the end of the contract period, but may be terminated under the following conditions:

  • If a student officially cancels his or her enrollment.
  • If a student violates the terms of the contract; University regulations; or local, state or federal laws. SPU reserves the right to cancel the contract with no refund of room and meal plan charges.
  • If a student is not required to live on campus (see Residential Living Requirement).

A student contracts for a space on campus but not for a specific hall, room, apartment, or roommate. The University reserves the right to the following:

  • Assign roommates unilaterally.
  • Reassign students who are without roommates.
  • Use a room when it is not occupied.
  • Assign single rooms.
  • Reassign students to different units in the event such reassignments are deemed necessary.

Undergraduate housing is reserved for single students who are matriculated (admitted), are registered for 9 or more credits each quarter, and are less than 25 years of age as of the start of Autumn Quarter. Students enrolled for three to eight credits are housed as space permits. Dropping from full-time status to part-time status does not automatically cancel a Room and Meal Plan Contract. If demand for student housing exceeds supply, priority will be given to students who are required to live on campus (see Residential Living Requirement).

Room and meal plan costs are listed under the Tuition and Fees section of the Catalog. Refund schedules and cancellation charges are outlined in the Refunds and Account Adjustments section of the Catalog.

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