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Russian Studies Major
Russian Studies Minor


Marston Hall

Languages, Cultures, and Linguistics Department Faculty

Russian is the first language of over 150 million people worldwide. It is spoken in Russia, other countries in the former Soviet Union, and in many communities in Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and North America. It is one of the five official languages of the United Nations. The U.S. government has classified Russian as a critical needs language vital to its national security interests.


Studying Russian language and culture is an intellectually stimulating and enriching experience that can lead to an exciting career in travel, business, commerce, and governmental and non-governmental organizations.


Admission to the Major or Minor

Applicants for a Russian major or minor within the Department of Languages, Cultures, and Linguistics must have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher in all college work applicable to the BA degree and a 2.5 GPA in 10 credits of coursework at SPU in Languages, Cultures, and Linguistics, and/or European or Latin American Studies.

Application may be made through the Major or Minor Application form (PDF). A student must complete the Russian major or minor requirements in effect when the student is admitted to the major or minor.

Russian Program Requirements
Katya Nemtchinova, Contact Person

Requirements for the Russian Studies Major

A major in Russian Studies consists of 19 base-course credits, HIS 3345 "Modern Russia," and 35 credits in Russia. 25 of the total credits in the major must be upper-division.

Beginning and intermediate Russian courses are offered alternate years. Students must complete all non-credited and language proficiency requirements. Students are strongly encouraged to participate in an accredited study abroad program to accumulate the required number of credits and to expand their knowledge of the language and country. A course in modern Russian literature and culture as well as independent-study options are also available.

Since a limited number of courses in Russian are offered each year, majors will need to work closely with the contact person in order to fulfill the required number of credits.

Requirements for the Russian Studies Minor

The minimum requirement for a minor in Russian Studies is 35 credits, of which a minimum of 15 must be upper-division. Each student must complete two courses from the required History/Global courses and at least 25 credits from the Russian course offerings.


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