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ANT 1110: General Anthropology (5) Offerings
Provides a survey of the sub-disciplines that make up anthropology: physical anthropology, archeology, and cultural anthropology. A cross-cultural study of the physical and cultural changes experienced by humankind in response to a continuous process of adaptation, change, and development.
Attributes:Social Science A
ANT 2250: Cultural Anthropology (5) Offerings
Focuses upon the comparative study of human cultures: technological, economical, social, political, and religious systems, with examples drawn from selected cultures of the world.
Attributes:Social Science A, WK Social Sciences
ANT 3000: Introduction to Biological Anthropology (5) Offerings
Prerequisite: BIO 1101 or 1103 or 2103 or 2570. Basic principles for understanding humans from a biological perspective. This course is a comprehensive introduction to the field of biological anthropology. Explores topics of human and non-human primate genetics, behavior and evolution as well as human ecology and medical anthropology.
Equivalent Courses:BIO 3000 Attributes:Upper-Division
ANT 4900: Independent Study (1-5) Offerings
Student works independently with a faculty member on a mutually agreed upon topic. May be repeated for credit up to 15 credits.
ANT 4920: Readings in Selected Fields (1-5) Offerings
May be repeated for credit up to 14 credits.
ANT 4970: Independent Research (1-5) Offerings
May be repeated for credit up to 30 credits.

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