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GEO 1110: World Regional Geography (5) Offerings
Provides familiarity with character of major world regions. Emphasizes variations in levels of economic development and resource distribution among nations, and appreciation for diversity of world cultures.
Attributes:Social Science B
GEO 2000: Introduction to Global Development (5) Offerings
Introduces issues, theories, and discourses of global development. Surveys various approaches to development and inequalities. Compares secular and faith-based frameworks.
Attributes:Social Science B
GEO 2001: Development Issues in Guatemala (5) Offerings
Introduction to the major issues and concepts in the field of global development in the context of Guatemala. Students will examine themes via in-country classroom lectures, discussion, readings, and field experiences. May not be offered every year.
Attributes:WK Social Sciences
GEO 2207: Economic Geography (5) Offerings
A geographic approach to studying economic activities and issues of poverty and wealth at local, national and global levels. Includes understanding classic theories in Geography of location analysis and economic base. Examines global trends in trade, creation of wealth, economic development, and economic justice issues. Helps students appreciate the role of Christian non-government organizations in building civil society and assisting community development.
Attributes:Social Science B
GEO 3170: Geopolitics (5) Offerings
Current world events are explored, from a variety of social-science disciplines (political science, history, economics and political geography). Topics vary, but always include an examination of Christian views on geopolitical conflicts.
Equivalent Courses:POL 3170 Attributes:Upper-Division Restrictions:Freshman students are excluded.
GEO 3200: Geographic Information Systems in Biology (3) Offerings
This course provides an introduction to the use of Geographic Information Systems. Specifically, the student will learn how to use ArcGIS with prepared data sets and will create their own GIS database based on field observations as a term project.
Equivalent Courses:BIO 3200 Attributes:Upper-Division
GEO 3330: Global Perspectives on Women's Issues (3,5) Offerings
Examines global, political, social, and economic issues as they apply to women in global politics. Special focus will be given to geographic factors and how women and feminist theory fit into current political theory, the roles of women in developing countries, and what women can and are doing to change the world around them.
Equivalent Courses:POL 3330 Attributes:Upper-Division, Ways of Engaging Restrictions:Freshman students are excluded.
GEO 3500: Environmental Policy (5) Offerings
Examines environmental problems and public policy choices. Compares notions of wise use, consumption, sustainability and stewardship of earth's resources in relation to Christian tradition. Considers social, political, and economic forces that impact the natural environment.
Equivalent Courses:POL 3500 Attributes:Upper-Division Restrictions:Freshman students are excluded.
GEO 4600: Geography of Tourism (5) Offerings
Examines growing tourism and recreation sector in the Pacific Northwest, the United States, and world economies through a geographic lens. Students will develop a personal ethic for lifelong travel.
Attributes:Upper-Division, Ways of Engaging, Writing "W" Course
GEO 4899: Capstone: Civil Society (3) Offerings
Studies theoretical or practical issues in politics, government, and global development.
Attributes:Upper-Division, Writing "W" Course Restrictions:Global Development Studies Majors only. Freshman students are excluded.
GEO 4900: Independent Study (1-5) Offerings
Student works independently with a faculty member on a mutually agreed upon topic. May be repeated for credit up to 15 credits.
GEO 4911: Advanced Seminar (1-5) Offerings
Seminars studying theoretical or practical issues in geography and geopolitics. See current Time Schedule for topic. May be repeated for credit up to 15 credits.
Attributes:Upper-Division, Writing "W" Course Restrictions:Global Development Studies Majors only. Freshman, Sophomore students are excluded.
GEO 4920: Directed Readings (1-5) Offerings
Directed Readings
GEO 4930: Practicum (1-5) Offerings
Practicum May be repeated for credit up to 10 credits.
GEO 4940: Global Development Internship (1-15) Offerings
Provides field experience with non-profit organizations or public/private sector organizations appropriate to global development challenges. Under faculty sponsor supervision, students will apply concepts in global development major to real-world situations. May be repeated for credit up to 15 credits.
Attributes:Upper-Division Restrictions:Freshman students are excluded.
GEO 4950: Special Topics in Geography (1-5) Offerings
Special Topics in Geography May be repeated for credit up to 5 credits.
GEO 4970: Research in Geography (1-5) Offerings
Prerequisite: 10 credit hours in geography.

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