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HSC 1000: Health Sciences Study Skills I: PreNursing Chemistry (2-6) Offerings
This course provides incoming freshmen pre-nursing students skills that support course work in the sciences, specifically chemistry. It specifically addresses time management, note-taking skills, exam strategies, learning style, and University and chemistry program resources. May be repeated for credit up to 6 credits.
HSC 1100: Scientific Reasoning for the Health Professions (3) Offerings
The focus of this course is on the developmental practice of scientific reasoning. In this hands on course, some emphasis will be placed on computation (math) and experimentation (science); however the primary focus is on the use of interpretive frameworks to respond to evidence or information in order to answer questions in the sciences. Using both individual and small group learning strategies participants will learn how to make a claim, identify data that supports the claim and determine the reliability and validity of the data.
HSC 2000: Health Science Study Skills II (2-6) Offerings
This course provides prenursing students taking Biology courses with study skills that support their coursework. The course will address note-taking skills, exam strategies, and University and Biology program resources. May be repeated for credit up to 6 credits.
HSC 3000: Issues in Women's Health (3) Offerings
Examines selected issues in women's health care in the context of women's lived experiences, including women's health care issues within the existing health care system, ways to reclaim and reshape gynocentric care for themselves, and sociopolitical activities that facilitate health care for all women. Global health care will be addressed with SPU mission to engage the culture. Not offered every year.
Equivalent Courses:WST 3000 Attributes:Upper-Division, Ways of Engaging
HSC 3035: Human Sexuality (3) Offerings
Introduces basic aspects of human sexuality: biologically how the reproductive system works; psychologically how males and females view their sexuality; and sociologically how sexual values and behavior affect the society as a whole. Christian perspectives will be related to the development of sexual values.
Attributes:Upper-Division, Ways of Engaging Restrictions:Freshman students are excluded.
HSC 3395: Health Care Delivery Systems (3) Offerings
Examines perspectives on differing health care philosophies and practices in the United States and other countries. Explores trends, current events, and technology. Presentations are given by health care providers and consumers from the community.
HSC 4044: Biomedical Tests, Measurements and Statistics (0,5) Offerings
Promotes the conceptual understanding of the basic statistical procedures used in research. Helps participants achieve those computational skills needed to carry out statistical procedures in practical settings and the use of the computer in data analysis.
Attributes:Mathematics (MAT), Upper-Division Restrictions:Applied Human Biology, Biology, Cellular and Molecular Biology, Ecology, Exercise Science, Food and Nutritional Sciences, Nursing-INT, Physiology Majors only.
HSC 4500: Transcultural Nursing: Preparation for Study Abroad (2) Offerings
Offered as a preparation for NUR 4013 Child Rearing Family and Community Nursing, taught in an international/transcultural setting. The course provides an opportunity to prepare for clinical and experiential activities while in the international setting.
HSC 4501: Transcultural Nursing: Field Experience Abroad (2) Offerings
Prerequisite: Acceptance to Study Abroad. This course is designed to guide students in studying contemporary life and health practices of the host country. Special emphasis is placed on influences of environment, people, and the interrelationships that create an ongoing action on daily living. Nursing and the role of care-giving is investigated.
HSC 4700: Issues in Global Health (3) Offerings
This course focuses on current issues in global health care as well as methods for addressing global inequities in health. Specific topics include: inter-relationships between health, poverty, and violence; development and foreign aid; forces of health disparities; and ethics, human rights, and Christianity. May not be offered every year.
Attributes:Upper-Division Restrictions:Global Development Studies Majors only. Freshman students are excluded.
HSC 4900: Independent Study (1-5) Offerings
Independent Study May be repeated for credit up to 15 credits.
HSC 4940: Internship (1-5) Offerings
Internship May be repeated for credit up to 5 credits.
HSC 4950: Special Topics in Health Care (1-5) Offerings
Focuses on emerging and specialized topics in health care. May be repeated for credit up to 10 credits.

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