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LAT 1101: Elementary Latin I (5) Offerings
Studies the essentials of classical Latin grammar to build comprehension in reading and writing elementary Latin. The LAT 1101, 1102, and 1103 sequence is offered alternate years.
Attributes:Foreign Language Comp
LAT 1102: Elementary Latin II (5) Offerings
Prerequisite: LAT 1101 or permission of instructor. Continues the study in the essentials of classical Latin grammar and syntax.
Attributes:Foreign Language Comp
LAT 1103: Elementary Latin III (5) Offerings
Prerequisite: LAT 1102 or permission of instructor. Continues the study of classical Latin through reading to provide a basis for future work in the language; emphasizes translation.
Attributes:Foreign Language Comp
LAT 2204: Latin Grammar Review (3) Offerings
Prerequisite: LAT 1103 or permission of instructor. Provides intensive review of composition and syntax necessary for all advanced work in Latin. Offered alternate years.
LAT 4900: Independent Study (1-5) Offerings
Student works independently with a faculty member on a mutually agreed upon topic. May be repeated for credit up to 15 credits.
LAT 4920: Independent Readings in Classical Latin (1-5) Offerings
Prerequisite: LAT 2204. May be repeated for credit up to 45 credits.
Attributes:Arts and Humanities B, Upper-Division
LAT 4930: Latin Tutorial Practicum (1-6) Offerings
For advanced students who wish to assist as discussion leaders and readers in 1000-level Latin classes. May be repeated for credit up to 12 credits.
LAT 4940: Internship (1-5) Offerings
An internship in Latin.
LAT 4950: Special Topics (1-9) Offerings
Special Topics
LAT 4970: Directed Readings and Research (1-5) Offerings
Prerequisite: LAT 4920. May be repeated for credit up to 10 credits.

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