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UCOR 1000: The Arts and the Christian Community (5) Offerings
This course considers the question "Who am I and for what have I been created?" Through examining literary and artistic works that have shaped cultures past and present, it explores how we are created to be unique persons and to be in community with others. Key themes are: artistic ways of knowing; individualism and conformity; and faith as a formative virtue.
Restrictions:Freshman, Sophomore students only.
UCOR 2000: The West and the World (5) Offerings
Considers the question "From where have we come and where are we going?" Explores the history of interaction between the West and the world from the dawn of the modern global age (about 1500) to the present. How has Western civilization been influenced by and influenced other cultures? Key themes are ideas, inventions, and systems of interaction. The virtue of hope motivates service as the Christian response to a constantly changing world.
Restrictions:Freshman students are excluded.
UCOR 3000: Belief, Morality & Modern Mind (5) Offerings
Prerequisite: UFDN 2000. This course considers the question "How do I know what is true and how should I act on that knowledge?" It explores questions about Christian faith and practice that arise from modern developments in philosophy and science. Key themes are authority, reason, personal meaning, ethics, and love as the Christian response to God's creation and humankind.
Attributes:Upper-Division Restrictions:Junior, Post-Baccalaureate, Senior students only.
UCOR 4930: Practicum (1-5) Offerings
Serve as a mentor to students in a University Core class under the direction of faculty. May be repeated for credit up to 12 credits.

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