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How to Read "The List"

The Time Schedule is the official listing of the courses, tuition and fees for the listed academic year. Courses are listed in alphabetical order by subject (e.g. ACCT Accounting), then by Course Number (0001-7999). The following is the key for reading the Time Schedule.

Each class is identified by its unique Course Reference Number (CRN). The CRN is the most important item of registration. Your class is entered into the computer system by this number. Please use it accurately. If the CRN is blank the course is not offered for the listed academic year.

This is the term in which the class (with its unique CRN) is offered. A=Autumn, W=Winter, S=Spring. If the Term is blank the course is not offered for the listed academic year.

This is the subject code of the discipline of the class, and is listed in the SPU Undergraduate Catalog and SPU Graduate Catalog and the course number which accompanies the subject code.

Title of the course.

The number of quarter credit hours granted for the class. Variable credit classes will be listed with a hyphen (e.g. 3-5 (3 to 5)) or comma (e.g. 3,5 (3 or 5)). You need to determine the number of credits you wish to earn for the class at the time of registration. When registering via the web, be sure to indicate the appropriate number of credits under “Change Class Options.”

Evening courses are scheduled anytime between 4:30 and 10:00 p.m. Courses which are noted as “Arr.” Will have the time arranged by the instructor. Contact the instructor or department/school for further information.

The day(s) the class meets, which could include:
    M - Monday
    T - Tuesday
    W - Wednesday
    TH - Thursday
    F - Friday
    S - Saturday

The instructor(s) for the class. Fees Any class fees will be assessed at the time of registration. Fees may be charged at a flat rate (e.g. $10) or per credit rate (e.g. $10/cr). Fees noted with an asterisk are non-refundable. Some course fees may not be reflected. A complete fee schedule will be available in Autumn Quarter.

The dates when the course will be meeting. If there is a date range the course will meet on the Days and during the Time listed. If there is only one date listed the course will meet on that date at the Time listed.

More Info
This link provides you will more information about the associated course. The additional information includes Description of the course (with Pre-Requisites), Location, Restrictions, Attributes, Co-Requisites and course Equivalents for that class.

Room Definitions (in Location)
    CANAL = Canal
    CLSRM = Classroom
    EXSCI = Exercise Science
    GRNLK = Greenlake
    GYM = Gym
    LKWA = Lake Washington
    LWGYM = Lower Gym
    TNCRT = Tennis Courts
    TRAIN = Training Room
    WLFLD = Wallace Field
    WTRM = Weight Room
    U/WSP = Underwater Sports
    TBA = To Be Assigned

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