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This section lists all special class requirements requested by departments that must be met by the student before registration can be completed. These include:
Restrictions This class is restricted to or restricted from students in a specific population. This note also states if a course has a Special Approval associated with it. (Example: Restrictions: Freshman, Sophomore excluded.)
Special Approval Special Approval is needed in order to register for this course (Example:  Instructor Permission Required)
Attributes This class has the specific Attribute listed (Example: Attributes: Writing Course)
Co-Requisite This class has the following co-requisite(s). (Example: Co-Requisite: EDU 3559). You must enroll in both the selected course and Co-Requisite course(s) in the same quarter.
Equivalent This class is Equivalent to as well as held at the same time and place as the class shown (Example: Equivalent: BUS 2359 = is equivalent to and meets at the same time and place as BUS 2359). You are not able to retake this course, under the Equivalent, and receive additional credit.
Doctoral Admitted to the University, pursuing doctoral degree
Graduate Admitted to the University, pursuing master's degree
Post-baccalaureate Admitted to the University, pursuing another bachelor's degree or initial teacher certification
Senior Admitted undergraduate who has earned 135 or more credits. **
Junior Admitted undergraduate who has earned 90-134 credits. **
Sophomore Admitted undergraduate who has earned 45-89 credits. **
Freshman Admitted undergraduate who has earned 0-44 credits. **
Non-Matriculated Not admitted to the University; non-degree seeking students who may enroll in courses numbered 0001-6999.

**Earned credits include graded SPU coursework and transfer work that has been evaluated and accepted by the University.

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