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Common Curriculum, Exploratory Curriculum and Competency Course Offerings

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Click on the area to view the Undergraduate description and a listing of all sections that are scheduled for each course during the quarter. This information is updated nightly.

Choose an Area Requirement:

Writing Skills Competency
Foreign Language Comp
Writing "W" Course
University Seminar
University Core
University Foundations

Arts and Humanities A
Arts and Humanities B
Social Science A
Social Science B
Natural Science A
Natural Science B
Mathematics (MAT)

WK Arts
WK Humanities
WK Quantitative Reasoning
WK Applied Science
WK Fundamental Science
WK Social Science
Ways of Engaging

For detailed information regarding these course requirements, please refer to the "Baccalaureate Degree Requirements" section in the Undergraduate Catalog.

Note that students in the freshman sequence of the Common Curriculum (UCOR 1000, UFDN 1000) will be automatically registered for those courses during winter and spring of the freshman year.

The Arts and Humanities C requirement is only for students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts Degree. Students should choose an additional course (three credits minimum) from either list A or list B in a different subject than those already used to fulfill categories A and B. Total credits in the Arts and Humanities must be 15 minimum.

The Natural Sciences C requirement is only for students pursuing a Bachelor of Science Degree. Students should choose an additional course from either list A or list B in the Natural Sciences.

.Email for your academic counselors' contact information.

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