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2005-2006 Graduate Catalog Home

05-06 Graduate Catalog Home

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Although the Career Development Center’s (CDC) primary mission is to serve undergraduate students, many career resources are available that may be helpful to graduate students seeking positions. Visit; see both the “student” and “alumni” sections.

School of Education students may be eligible to establish a placement file at the CDC. The education placement file is designed to make the search for a position more efficient and expedient. It is often recommended that education students register for a placement file if they are planning to apply for a position as an educator now or in the future; school districts routinely request placement files as part of their hiring process. Call the CDC at 206.281.2018 for further information on education placement files.

SPU’s Center for Learning staff coordinate services for all students with learning, psychological, medical, and physical disabilities to promote curricular and co-curricular program support and accommodations. A student who wishes to receive services and accommodations due to a disability should do the following:

  • Provide the Disability Support Services (DSS) program coordinator with current documentation that has been prepared by a qualified professional in the relevant field. (For specific guidelines for each disability, contact the DSS program coordinator.)
  • Meet with the DSS program coordinator to discuss the particular needs and appropriate accommodations. Located in Lower Moyer, the Center for Learning is open from 8 a.m.–6 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 8 a.m.–5 p.m. on Fridays.

For information or to schedule an intake appointment, contact the program coordinator at 206.281.2272.

SPU welcomes and encourages enrollment of international students. Special educational and social programs are designed to enhance a student’s cross-cultural experiences. Counseling assistance is also provided for academic achievement, cultural adaptations, and financial and legal concerns.

The International Student Advisor serves as liaison with U.S. Department of Citizenship and Immigration Services regarding international students’ travel outside of the United States, permission to transfer, employment eligibility, or practical training options both before and after graduation. New international students, whether recent arrivals to the United States or transfer students from another educational institution, are required to have an interview with the director during their first week of attendance at Seattle Pacific University. Please call 206.281.2247 for an interview appointment.

F-1 non-immigrant status carries responsibilities as well as privileges. Failure to comply with requirements is considered a violation of U.S. law that invalidates F-1 status and cancels privileges. Seattle Pacific is required by law to make regular reports about F-1 students’ status to the U.S. government. The international student advisor (ISA) in the Office of Student Life provides services to assist international students in complying with the terms of their visa status, applying for benefits, and attempting to correct status violations when necessary. However, the student’s status is always considered his or her own responsibility, not that of SPU.

To maintain good F-1 status, you must:

  1. Participate in an entry interview. Attend a New International Student Orientation session or schedule an appointment with the ISA no later than the fifth day of your first quarter.
  2. Be a full-time student. Complete a full-time course load (6 credits for graduate students) during every quarter except summer, and maintain satisfactory academic progress. If it is not possible to be enrolled full-time, a “Request for Reduced Enrollment” form (available in the ISA’s office) signed by your academic advisor must be submitted to the ISA no later than the first day of the quarter. Reduced enrollment will only be approved under exceptional circumstances defined by F-1 regulations. Following the tenth day of a quarter, F-1 students enrolled part-time without ISA approval will be reported “out of status.”
  3. Do not work off-campus without authorization. All F-1 students (in good status) are authorized to work on-campus at SPU up to 20 hours per week during full-time study and up to 40 hours per week during vacation periods. Any off-campus employment (any type of work for any type of compensation) must be approved by the ISA and is only allowed within strict F-1 regulations.
  4. Report any change of name or address. The U.S. government requires notification within 10 days of any name or address change. You must report the location of your physical residence (not a post office box) to both:
  5. Obey the laws of the United States of America.
  6. Participate in an exit interview (in the event of departure): Schedule an appointment with the ISA if you will be graduating or otherwise ending your studies at SPU for any reason.

Graduate students are encouraged to attend chapels and assemblies and to use these opportunities to hear outstanding leaders in religion, education, and other professions. For a schedule, call the Office of Campus Ministries at 206.281.2966.

Graduate Hooding Ceremony Seattle Pacific University’s master’s degree recipients are invited to the Hooding Ceremony before the annual Ivy Cutting Ceremony. Master’s degree students are recognized by the academic leadership for completion of their advanced degree and are hooded by their school dean and the graduate faculty. They then take their place behind the faculty for the Ivy Cutting procession. Doctoral students may attend but are hooded during Commencement.

Commencement is a time-honored ceremony at Seattle Pacific that recognizes the scholarship, service, and Christian growth of graduating students. It is a celebratory service where students, faculty, staff, parents, relatives, and friends congratulate the graduates on their “new beginning.” Degrees are awarded to graduates who have successfully completed the requirements to obtain their baccalaureate or graduate diplomas. The number of SPU graduates has grown from five in 1915 to more than 900 in recent years.

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