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Robert Noyce Scholarship Program

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“Knowledge is power. Knowledge shared is power multiplied.” – Robert Noyce (1927-1990)

There is a growing need for well-prepared science and mathematics teachers — especially in America’s urban areas. Through the Robert Noyce Scholarship program, SPU aims to address this challenge by graduating competent teachers honed by rigorous learning and equipped to serve high-need students.

Who are these emerging teachers? What draws them to serve in this way? And how does the Noyce program help? Find out firsthand with regularly updated profiles of outstanding Noyce Scholars.


Meet Noyce Scholar Katie Klug

Name: Katie Klug

Grew up in: Bellevue, WA

Credentials: Masters of Arts in Teaching, 2010

Certifications: Chemistry, Physics

Level of teaching: High School

What Teacher has been most influential in your life? My high school chemistry teacher made me reconsider my sworn-hatred of science & see how I could apply my skill in math to “real life.”

Why Seattle Pacific University? I went here for undergrad, and appreciate the mission and goal of SPU. Also, I’ve always heard the Education program is amazing here!

What has been your greatest challenge this past year? Realizing that while the mind set of the teacher may come naturally to me, the planning, organization and goals don't. I am having to give myself some grace about what I choose to focus on this year and what I wait for next year on. Regardless, I’m excited to learn with my students.

What are you most excited to be offering to your students? A positive, encouraging, FUN and safe atmosphere.

What experiences are you currently looking forward to in this coming year?

I'm teaching in the Lake Washington District now at the high school level, and have already thoroughly enjoyed the first weeks of the school year. Though it's still hard to believe I got a job my first year out of the MAT program, I'm so excited to see how far my students grow this year and how much I develop as a teacher and mentor.