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Robert Noyce
Scholarship Program
3307 3rd Avenue West
Suite 307
Seattle, WA 98119
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Robert Noyce Scholarship Program

Faculty & Staff

The Robert Noyce Scholarship program at SPU is administered by a collaborative and interdisciplinary team of faculty and staff from the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics disciplines, and from SPU’s School of Education.

These highly-qualified individuals challenge and support SPU’s Noyce Scholars as the students work toward becoming excellent math and science teachers.

Principal Investigator:

Professor John Lindberg
Chair, Department of Physics
Phone: 206-281-2866


Professor Frank Kline
Associate Dean for Teacher Education
Phone: 206-281-2504

Professor Robbin O’Leary
Associate Professor of Mathematics
Phone: 206-281-2285

Elaine Woo
Pre-K–12 Science Program Manager, Seattle Public Schools

Hannah Azevedo
Program Coordinator - Noyce/ECASE
Undergraduate Admissions Counselor 

Phone: 206-281-2399

“I believe being a leader as a (chemistry) teacher means taking initiative to see past a chemistry 101 class, to see individual students, and to use the subject of chemistry as a way to show them their potential”

Leah Safstrom, 2008–09 Noyce Scholar