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Robert Noyce Scholarship Program

Teaching Verification Form Is Now Online

Graduated scholars are required to submit a Teaching Verification form twice per year (September, June) to ensure that records are updated and the conditional loan does not enter repayment. Download required annual forms (also under Resources), or use our online form to submit your information.

NOTE: SPU has awarded the last cohort of Noyce scholars (2010-11) from our Robert Noyce grant and will not be accepting applications for future years.

SPU is a PhysTEC Noyce site and will continue to award scholarships to qualified Physics students. Contact Dr. Lane Seeley for more information.

To locate another Noyce project, please visit the national Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship site.

Meet a Scholar

Recent MAT graduate and Noyce Scholar Katie Klug started high school with a sworn hatred of science. Thankfully, it didn't last. She recently graduated with certifications in both chemistry and physics and is now actively changing students' relationship with science in her own classroom.

Learn more about Katie's experience
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Noyce Scholars around the nation can join the Robert Noyce Scholars Facebook group and begin discussions related to math and science education.

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