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Registration Edition /  May 2013

Events and Announcements

An Especially Busy May in McKenna Hall

In a normal May around here, faculty, staff, and students are sending in their RSVPs for end -of-year banquets and wrapping up projects with one eye on the summer ahead.  This year, however, there's a surprising amount of activity and change underway.

  • This month, four candidates for the open SBE dean position are being interviewed by SBE faculty, staff, and students and by the SPU administration and outside stakeholders.  The second series of these interviews are this week, with two more to come next week.  Be aware that if you are looking for your professor, he or she may be especially pressed for time these weeks.

  • The fourth version of the SBE web site was launched late last month.  It's come a long way since the first edition in 1996.  The staff is learning how to maintain the new database-driven web design, so feel free to let us know if you see typos or have questions about what you see.  The SBE web site is intended to attract prospective students and to inform and provide services to our current students.  And as you can see, even our SBE Undergraduate News has a new look with this edition.

  • Has the rumor outrun the news?  The McKenna Computer Lab, first opened in autumn 1997, will close its doors on June 6th, and will reopen this coming fall as a multi-purpose active learning study center.  Most of the computers will be gone, and students are encouraged to BYOD (bring your own device), and plug into large wall-mounted monitors to facilitate team learning.  And if you haven't heard yet, students may access the Microsoft Dreamspark web site to download much of the software you may be needing for classes.  Here's the CIS web page that describes the Dreamspark program.  Other software remains available from the CIS download center.

  • And, yes, banquets are still on the schedule for this month.  Read below under Student Organizations about the annual Beta Alpha Psi banquet on May 21st at  McCormick and Schmicks Harborside.   The Senior Banquet follows on May 28th at Ray’s Boathouse.

Scholars and Scholarship Winners Recognized

Our 2013 Honors and Scholarship Reception on May 7th began with the induction of eighteen students into the SPU chapter of Beta Gamma Sigma, the international honor society for collegiate schools of business accredited by AACSB. Eleven undergraduates and seven graduate students were honored for their top academic performance. This is the centennial class of new members into our SPU chapter. Learn about Beta Gamma Sigma and read the names of this 14th class of members at SPU. In addition, 31 scholarship winners in 13 categories were congratulated, the Undergraduate Writing Award with its $1000 cash prize was awarded to Kyle Peterman, and the Best Business Plan award with its $500 cash prize was awarded to Alec Ernst.

Social Venture Plan Competition Recap

Our annual Social Venture Plan Competition "Showcase Round" was held on April 17th.  Undergraduate and graduate teams from SBE and across SPU, as well as from other Pacific Northwest universities competed.  The event and this year's winners are recapped here


Advising and Registration

What's New for Autumn 2013?

With each new year there are incremental changes to academic programs.  As you select your autumn classes, please be aware of these items.

♦    BUS 1700 Spreadsheets will return as an SBE course.  It replaces CSC 1123.  It will be offered twice each quarter.  Autumn quarter it will be offered in two five-week sessions, Mondays and Wednesdays, 12:30-1:20, September 30 to October 30 and then again November 4 to December 4.    Read the SBE Computer Competency policy here.

♦    Speaking of spreadsheets, the special BUS 2700 Statistics for Business and Economics section offered this fall will not have the spreadsheets prerequisite and students who pass BUS 2700 will waive the spreadsheet competency requirement.  We won't be using calculators.  Everything will be recorded, analyzed, and reported in Excel. If you've already taken CSC 1123, or want to take BUS 1700 in the fall too, you'll still get a great refresher on Excel in BUS 2700.  Note that the MAT 2700 sections winter and spring retain the spreadsheet prerequisite.  If you have questions about BUS 2700 in the fall, contact the instructor.

♦    Two sections of the 1-credit weekend BUS 3950 Spirituality and Business course are planned for fall quarter.  One section will be taught by Dr. Al Erisman on the topic of "Business, Calling, and Faith from the life of Joseph." (CRN: 6155, Friday October 11-12.)   The topic and date for the second autumn section of BUS 3950 (CRN 6920) is still being negotiated at this time.

♦    BUS 2000 Purpose and Practice of Business replaces BUS 1600 Introduction to Business Practice in the SBE curriculum.  It also becomes a course required of all Business Administration majors admitted to SBE this coming year (2013-14) and beyond. 

Autumn's BUS 3541 Marketing & Society at Camp Casey in September

We are offering an exciting new way to complete your BUS 3541 Marketing & Society requirement this coming fall. We are calling this version of the class: "Marketing on the Island" because the class is going to be taught on Whidbey Island at Camp Casey in the week before regular classes start. You will be covering the same material in this class as in the regular marketing class, but in a much more concentrated fashion. The class will meet starting Sunday night, September 22, and continue for the next week at Camp Casey, departing before dinner on Friday, September 27. You will stay in the Company J Quarters and have meals provided for an additional course fee of $100. The class will require a fairly intense commitment but we will have time to enjoy the surroundings at Camp Casey. Class will meet from 9:00 to noon each morning and then again 7:00 to 8:30 in the evening. This will create a total of 21 class hours. You will have projects and homework and/or field trips to complete in the afternoons so you can anticipate being busy from about 9:00 in the morning to 8:30 in the evening with an hour break for lunch and a three hour break around the dinner hour.

Grades for the course will be based on an engagement score earned during the five days at Camp Casey, an online final exam taken within the first month of the autumn quarter, and a written marketing plan completed by the end of the autumn quarter. During autumn quarter, we will get together as a group for a social event. Additionally, you will be asked to meet with the instructor, Dr. Vicki Eveland, once or twice during the quarter to get guidance and feedback on the marketing plan.

Major advantages for taking the course on the island include:

•    All of the students in the course with you will be business students
•    Most of the course will be completely done before the quarter starts
•    You will get a chance to get to know other students in the business school and develop a personal relationship with a professor
•    The weather on the island should be great in September
•    Fun, excitement, beach, and marketing—what more could you want

Make sure you pay attention to the course details in the time schedule, underneath each of the classes for which you want to register. There won’t be any surprises registering, if you know in advance what the course restrictions and prerequisites are. Also, if you haven’t met your faculty advisor yet, schedule an appointment with them ASAP!  I cannot lift the faculty advisor hold for you, so do all that you can to research and remove all potential roadblocks in advance of registration week!
Email me ( in advance, to have major restrictions lifted from 3000 and 4000 SBE courses. Please verify that you have satisfied any and all prerequisites for the courses in which you are interested. The sooner you do this, the easier registration will be!

Plan your schedule in a way that makes you eligible to apply to the School of Business and Economics this coming January. That means you have one more quarter, autumn quarter,  to become eligible. If you have not taken 15 credits worth of “BUS”, “ECN”, or “ACCT” courses, you’ll want to register for those remaining credits now! Work hard and maintain a cumulative GPA and SBE GPA of at least 2.70, or, an SBE GPA of 3.0 to be eligible to apply. Since we have a competitive admission process, note that meeting the minimum GPAs do not guarantee admission. The higher your GPA, the more likely it is that you will get into SBE. So be sure you are working hard in your classes!

If you were admitted to SBE last quarter, you no longer have a faculty advisor hold preventing you from registering. However, because of the detailed nature of our programs, I would still like you to check in with your SBE faculty advisor with a projected class schedule for Fall. With the expectation that you’re just about done with your Exploratory Curriculum credits, you’ll want to consider registering for two SBE courses, and one other SPU course (such as UCOR or UFDN 3000).

If you were not admitted to an SBE program this year, you will need to meet with your faculty advisor to have the faculty advisor hold removed. Your advisor will go over the steps needed to get back on track for admission next winter. This may require re-taking a 2000 level course to pull up your GPA. If your GPAs are “on-track” for admission next winter, at 2.80 or above, I can look at removing major restrictions from 3000 level courses (provided you’ve completed all 2000 level in the Business core).

You should be wrapping up your 3000 level SBE courses, as well as your SPU Exploratory Curriculum. Hopefully you’ve selected a concentration by now (if you are completing one). Please take this time to plan your entire senior year, looking closely at the online time schedule for 2013-2014! Also, NOW is the time to apply to graduate! Your academic counselor in SAS and I need to complete an audit to make sure you’re tracking towards graduation. I promise it’ll only take a moment — just log into your Banner account and get it done!

You’re almost done! Finish strong in the coming weeks, to ensure I get to cheer you on commencement day. And, don’t forget to reserve your spot at the senior banquet! $10 to the SBE Front desk, with your selection of chicken or fish. The banquet will be held at Rays Boathouse on the evening of May 28th. Also, please email me any fun pictures you have that capture some of your best moments over the years at SPU/SBE. I’m gathering photos for a slideshow to be running throughout the banquet.

Student Organizations

Beta Alpha Psi — The International Honor Organization for Financial Information Professionals

Attention all Sophomore accounting majors, please consider active participation in Beta Alpha Psi, a nationally distinguished club for accounting, finance and information systems majors. BAP allows students to interact with professionals to expand your network and knowledge about career opportunities. Please sign up to be on our email distribution list by contacting or like us on Facebook.

The BAP Banquet will be held on Tuesday, May 21st from 6:00-8:00pm at McCormick and Schmicks Harborside. The banquet will allow all students to network with professionals, learn from our speaker Jane Searing, a partner at Clark Nuber, and enjoy a delicious dinner. Cost is $25 per student.

Accounting sophomores and juniors interested in participating in Fall Recruiting, BAP and Rick Sass will be holding an fall recruiting information session on Tuesday, May 28th at 7:00pm. Please attend this meeting if you are at all interested in finding an internship or job position for winter/summer 2014.

The Senior Graduation Banquet
at Ray's Boathouse, May 28th

The Senior Banquet will be held at Ray’s Boathouse on Tuesday May 28th at 6 pm. The event is $10 and we encourage you to RSVP at the SBE front desk soon.  Also, please email Elizabeth pictures of your time here at SPU to include for the slideshow at the dinner.

And congratulations to AUSBE, as it was named "Club of the Year" at the May 14th, ASSP Student Leadership Celebration event.  We thank the great AUSBE officers who brought home the gold this year!

SBE Centers

The Mentor Program has Summer Openings

We are still accepting Mentor Program applications and will be accepting them throughout the summer. We find that some students feel a greater sense of freedom around their schedule in the summers, so signing up now or even into June, to begin the process of finding a mentor is not a bad idea, provided the student is going to be in the greater Seattle area. We also occasionally place students with mentors or job shadow hosts in their hometowns (e.g. Portland, Denver, LA, etc.) for the summer months.  Mark Oppenlander, Director of our Center for Applied Learning, is here to help you.


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