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Registration Edition /  November 2013

Events and Announcements

AUSBE welcomes you to Pizza with the Dean, Thursday this Week

With the new block schedule on Tuesdays and Thursdays, our former morning Donuts with the Dean event has become Pizza with the Dean!   Tomorrow (Thursday, November 14th), join AUSBE and our new Dean, Dr. Joseph Williams, in the McKenna Conference Room from noon to 12:45.  Here is your chance to meet the new leader of SBE.  We suspect he has as many questions for our students as you may have for him.  And, of course, there will be pizza!

And it's not too soon to add our December event with Dean Williams to your calendar.  Deck the Halls with the Dean will be held on Thursday, December 5th, from 3:00 to 4:00 p.m., also in the McKenna Conference Room.  Decorate some cookies and relax before finals week. 

The CIB and CAL "Centers" — What are they?

What are the Center for Integrity in Business (CIB) and the Center for Applied Learning (CAL)?  In many ways they are the two arms of the School of Business and Economics which reach out to the world and connect our students and faculty with our business, church and community partners.  Take some time to visit these Centers online and see what they are doing.

CIB Director John Terrill recently announced the launch of their new site.  Get connected with CIB, they connect with the world.

CAL Director Mark Oppenlander reports that there are still a few opening this quarter in the popular and valuable Mentor Program.   And this month, teams have begun forming for the 2014 Social Venture Plan Competition (SVPC).  These co-curricular activities are the spice that can give your studies in SBE real savor.  Also, whether or not you intend to participate in this year's SVPC, the 2-credit  BUS 3682 Social Venture Planning course on Wednesdays, 6:00-7:40 p.m. next quarter, is a valuable addition to any SBE degree program.  And if you are a business minor, it can be combined with other courses as part of your 5-credit minor elective.

Annual Distinguished Speaker Series Luncheon to feature COSTCO CEO

Craig Jelinek, President and CEO, COSTCO Wholesale Corp. will be our invited speaker at this year's Distinguished Speaker Series luncheon.  All SBE majors and minors are invited to this annual luncheon in Upper Gwinn Commons on January 21st.  More information, and the opportunity to RSVP for this event, will be shared later.  For now, you can learn more on the SBE Events page.

Are you Ready to Apply for Your Major?

You can complete you online application to a major in SBE as soon as you receive your fall grades on December 20th next month.  The window for these applications will remain open until Monday, January 20th.  Make special note that the due date is on the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday.  Applications are due at midnight on January 20th, but you don't need to wait that long.  Give yourself a Christmas present and apply early.  Also, you can check to see if you have the required minimum 2.70 GPA in SBE courses with our Excel GPA calculator.  You can verify your all-college GPA in Banner.

Workplace Wardrobe Wednesdays Continue

Need Christmas gift ideas?  Maybe it's time to upscale your wardrobe.  "Workplace Wardrobe Wednesdays" is an effort to foster the habit that professionalism in business begins in the b-school, not at the job interview.  This new SBE policy responds to feedback from our business partners and evaluations returned from internship supervisors.  You don't get a second chance to make a good first impression.  And guys, it's time to really learn how to tie that tie.  (Editor's note:  I prefer the Half Windsor knot.)


Advising and Registration

Business Administration Majors, Are You Meeting the Signature Experience Requirement?

Elizabeth Gordon reminds business administration majors about the Signature Experience requirement.  If you can't recall what this is, here's the requirement directly from the SPU Undergraduate Catalog.

Signature Experience Requirement

SBE is committed to providing an educational experience that is grounded in Christian faith, ethics, and character. It is also committed to providing a business education that works well "on the ground" in our increasingly global environment.

To strengthen these commitments, students graduating with a major in business administration must satisfy the SBE Signature Experience Requirement by completing one of these options:

  • Complete and enter a business plan in an appropriate business or social venture plan competition. This can include on-campus competitions or competitions sponsored by other schools or organizations.
  • Participate in an approved study abroad program such as SPU Business Abroad, the CCCU Latin American Studies program, or another SPU program (e.g., the European Studies quarter). This must be a program where students receive academic credit. In lieu of an international experience, a student may apply to the SBE undergraduate committee to meet this requirement with a suitable cross-cultural experience in the United States.
  • Complete 3 credits of BUS 3950 Spirituality and Business.
  • Complete an honors project as part of the University Scholars program.
  • With the approval of the SBE Undergraduate Committee, participate in a business-related CCCU American Studies Program, Contemporary Music Program, Film Studies Program, or other comparable program.

Note: In most cases, the credits earned while completing the Signature Experience Requirement also meet another requirement of the Business Administration major. 

BUS 1700 Spreadsheets Returns to Weekly Format

For the past few years, the 1-credit Excel spreadsheet course has been offered on a twice-weekly schedule for half the quarter.  This allowed half the students to take the course during the first half of the term.  However, the other half of the students took the course during the less popular second half of the term.  Dr. Sleight will teach this class winter and spring quarters in a 1-hour per week format for the entire quarter.   Two sections are offered winter quarter at 12:30-1:20 on Mondays or Wednesdays.

Three Winter Sections of BUS 3950 Spirituality and Business

This one-weekend 1-credit course meets 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. on a Friday evening and 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. the next day. 

CRN Topic Weekend Instructor
25541 Spiritual Gifts & Fruitfulness in Business February 7-8 Dr. Gary Karns
25542 Spirituality in the Workplace February 21-22 Dr. Don Lee
27814 Serving God Globally January 24-25 Dr. Geri Mason

Summer 2014 Courses Announced

The following courses have been scheduled for next summer.  Many of them are listed as "online."  You may wish to consult with the instructors if you have questions about any of these proposed courses.

Course Title Cr. Start End Day Time Online? Instructor
ECN 2101 Principles of Microeconomics 5 6/16/14 8/1/14     Online Mason, Geri    
BUS 2910 Internship & Career Strategies 1 7/9/14 7/30/14 W 1:30-3:50 p.m.   McCracken, Christina    
BUS 3541 Marketing & Society 5 7/14/14 8/8/14     Online Schlee, Regina    
BUS 3541 Marketing & Society 5 6/16/14 7/11/14     Online Schlee, Regina    
BUS 3548 International Marketing 5 6/23/14 7/25/14     Online Schlee, Regina    
BUS 4690 Strategic Management 5 6/16/14 7/11/14     Online Lee, Don    
BUS 4942 Internship Reflectn&Prof Devlp 1 to 5 7/7/14 8/1/14       McCracken, Christina    



I cannot remove Faculty Advisor Holds. Please contact your Faculty Advisor and work with them to form a schedule for next quarter. They will remove the hold upon your schedule completion.


If you are a Business Minor and need to take an upper division SBE class, please be sure to email me your Student ID Number, the class, and the subject name and number (i.e., Business Finance: BUS 3250). If you are not formally admitted to one of our minors, please apply online through the SBE website first.

SBE INTENDED-MAJOR (Applying this Winter)

If you are an SBE intended-major wanting to register for major-restricted classes for Winter, please email me your Student ID Number, and the courses you’d like to take. I will calculate your SBE and Cumulative GPAs, and if they are both above 2.80, I will lift major restrictions for you.


Make sure you’ve got one of our core courses in your schedule for next quarter. This could be Purpose & Practice of Business (BUS 2000), Microeconomics (ECN 2101), Macroeconomics (ECN 2102), Financial Accounting (ACCT 2361), Managerial Accounting (ACCT 2362), or Legal Environment of Business (BUS 2414). If you have room, consider adding a 1 or 2 credit course on top of that, like Spreadsheets (BUS 1700), Managerial Communication (BUS 2600), or Internship and Career Strategies (BUS 2910). I want you making headway towards that 15 SBE credits, to be eligible for admission next year!


All upper division SBE courses will be restricted to you (they have “major-restriction” holds on them). If you are intending to apply to one of our majors this winter, and have taken all lower division SBE courses available, please email me and request your GPA be calculated for admission into upper division courses. If you are considered “on track” for admission with 2.80 cumulative and SBE GPAs, I will lift the major restriction for you.

The 2013 Major Application window has been set. You will be able to apply online between December 20th and January 20th.


If you’ve been admitted to SBE, you should be on autopilot by now. Make sure you’ve completed the pre-Internship course (BUS 2910), and be on the look-out for internship opportunities! Now is also the time to start thinking about what concentration (if any) you’d like to complete, and start making headway. If you intend on graduating within the next four quarters, please login to your Banner account and apply to graduate!


Have you completed your internship experience? Then it’s probably time to register for BUS 4942, Internship Reflection and Professional Development. Here’s how: Complete the Internship Reflection Course Approval Form and be sure to obtain your Internship Supervisor’s signature. Return the form to Christina McCracken’s office (SUB 2nd) for her signature. Once SBE has received word from the Center for Career and Calling that you have permission to register for BUS 4942, I will remove the registration restriction on the course, allowing you to register as usual through your Banner account.



The SBE Undergraduate News is sent to SBE majors, minors and “intended majors” as recorded in Banner.
It is typically sent twice quarterly.  Please contact SAS to correct your major, minor, or “intended major” status
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