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Costs and Financial Aid

Undergraduate Costs and Financial Aid
2014-15 Tuition and Fees
Financial Arrangements and Services
Refunds and Account Adjustments
Financial Aid



In addition to direct instructional costs, Seattle Pacific University’s tuition covers a wide range of student and academic support services, including guidance services and social activities. Other student benefits include admission to all university athletic events and participation in intramural activities.

All tuition, fees, and other charges stated in this publication are payable in U.S. dollars ($US). The following charges do not apply to graduate, doctoral, or Summer Session courses. The fees for graduate, doctoral, and summer courses are published in separate catalogs or bulletins.


Autumn 2014–Spring 2015
Per quarter for courses numbered 0000–4999
1–11 credits, per credit $975
12–18 total credits $11,700
Additional per credit hour over 18 $975
Tuition for registered nurse-to-bachelor's of science program, per credit $430
Tuition for arranged courses regular rates apply
Tuition for auditing courses regular rates apply


Advance Payments
Admitted students should reserve their place at SPU by submitting their $200 advance payment on or before May 1, 2014 (National Candidate’s Reply Date). This payment is required from all students prior to registration.

Administrative, Course, Student Services, Medical Insurance, and Other Special Program Fees
For specific classes with fees, refer to the 2014-15 Time Schedule and/or revision listings.


Administrative and Special Fees
Application fee $50
Matriculation fee
  A student who has been admitted to the University and subsequently registers for courses is considered a matriculated student. A matriculation fee of $80 is assessed only once at the time of an admitted student’s initial registration. This fee covers the costs associated with initial advising, registration, and maintaining students’ academic files over the duration of their stay at Seattle Pacific. A student’s academic file may contain admission records, transcripts, and evaluations of the coursework from other institutions, academic appeals, graduation check sheet, etc.  
Change of registration fee $50
  Students are expected to be registered for the next quarter by the last day of finals. Students may lose their opportunity to return if they are not registered by the deadlines. A late registration fee of $50 may be charged for late registration.   
Official transcript fee $5
Undergraduate/Post-Baccalaureate Internship $125/qtr
Course fee for EDSC 4250 $25/qtr
Assessment Fee $65
Technology fee, per quarter 9+ credits $44
1–8 credits $6 per credit
  This fee is used to offer new software, upgrade classrooms, and improve technology support to students, faculty, and labs.  
ASSP Fee, per quarter 12+ credits $80
1–11 credits $6 per credit
  The ASSP fee provides for student-led social, cultural, and educational programming and ministries, student services, student publications, and opportunities for leadership and involvement through the Associated Students of Seattle Pacific (ASSP).  
Parking fee, per quarter* $120
Emerson residents, per quarter $140
Sea Pac Pass replacement fee (for lost/stolen/damaged card) $20
Temporary Sea Pac Pass replacement card fee $5


*Any vehicle maintained, owned, or operated by an SPU student or employee must be registered with the Office of Safety and Security if it is to be parked on SPU’s campus, including city streets. Registration/application forms are available online and in person.

Any changes in parking status must be reported to Safety and Security within 10 days of the change by calling 206-281-2922. Parking refunds are calculated in accordance with the tuition-refund policy.

Note: If you completely withdraw from the University, you must inform Safety and Security to be eligible for a refund of your parking fees.


Individual instruction fee
For nonmajors (per credit) $175
For majors only (1 or 2 credits) $175
Piano class instruction fee (two tiered) 1 credit = $50
  2 credits = $75
Voice class instruction fee (two periods weekly), per quarter $75
Theory lab fee (I-VI), per quarter $25
  • Comprehensive testing program and access to online skills modules (one-time, nonrefundable fee of $635 in first nursing course).
  • Clinical practicum fee ($75/practicum/internship credit).
  • Lab fees:  $135 per quarter.
  • Clinical Consortium fee $100 per year.
  • Background check: $55 for junior year; $17 for senior year.
  • Books and supplies: approximately $1,100 for Autumn Quarter, junior year.  Additional book costs: approximately $100 per quarter.
  • Uniforms and shoes: approximately $200.
  • Costs for transportation to and parking at practicum sites vary by quarter; students are responsible for their own transportation to practicum sites.
  • Other costs include personal health insurance, immunizations with yearly updates, BLS for health care provider (CPR training) and HIV/AIDS training.
  • Costs at the end of the program are for the national licensure examination (NCLEX-RN) and state licensure.  Check links for current costs.
Special Examination Fees
Credit by examination or challenge fee
Per-course examination fee $100
Per-credit-hour fee $40
Study Abroad Administrative Fees  
Non-SPU programs $300
SPU faculty-led and partner programs $300
All summer programs



Other Course Fees
Certain courses have additional costs associated with them such as skiing, mountain climbing, some psychology labs, music composition, and math courses. These courses, with their applicable fees, are listed in the 2014-15 Time Schedule and/or revision listings.

Medical Insurance Fees
The University Health Center offers basic medical services for students. To provide complete health care coverage, the University recommends that all students review their current plan to determine if their current insurance will cover them out of their home area. The University offers information on a medical insurance plan for injury and sickness that is available to all enrolled undergraduate students (and their families). The University recommends this medical coverage to cover unanticipated expenses that could otherwise interrupt educational endeavors. Enrollment, benefit summary information, and applications for this voluntary plan are available in Health Services.

All international students are required to enroll in the University International Student Medical Insurance Plan. Any exceptions require documentation of a comparable plan.

Waivers may be obtained in Health Services only and must be completed prior to the 10th day of the quarter to ensure appropriate coverage enrollment. Any changes in coverage (i.e., addition or deletion of spouse or child) must be submitted prior to the 10th day of the quarter.


Education placement files
Teacher, school counseling, and administrative credential files are securely stored digitally through SPU JobLink and managed by each credential file owner. To establish a new credential file or to reactivate an exitsting one, a $5 fee is to be paid by credit or debit card via SPU JobLink. Files must be reactivated every placement year (November 1–October 31) in which the file will be actively used. 

Payment for mailing a teaching, school counseling or administrative credential file is by credit or debit card via the online system as follows:


Education Placement Files
Activation/renewal $5
USPS delivery or fax $8
Overnight (USPS) $25
Center for Career and Calling Services  
Career testing $20 per test
Health Services
Residential students                                        fees included in room and meal-plan charges
Commuter students                                                                   $35 per quarter on first visit


Senior Citizen Program
In keeping with the goal of service, SPU offers tuition-free and technology-fee-free courses to persons 65 years of age or older. Senior adults of this age bracket may attend on-campus undergraduate classes as auditors or for academic credit. They may take courses in special interest areas and/or complete a bachelor’s degree. The only limitation to the program is the availability of space in particular classes. Registration for senior citizens who use this program commences on the second day of the quarter.

Those wishing to apply work toward a degree must formally apply to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Non-matriculated students need only register at Student Academic Services. The Senior Citizen program does not cover course-related fees or ASSP fees.

Study-Away Programs
Students enrolled in off-campus study programs will follow a special payment schedule. Students should contact Student Financial Services (SFS) as soon as they are accepted to participate in the off-campus program. SFS will determine if financial aid is in order so those students may meet the tour departure date. Study tours must be paid in full prior to departure.


Room Charges, Per Year
Ashton, Hill, and Moyer Residence Halls (traditional residence halls)
Requires purchase of a Weekly Block Plan each quarter.
Double Room $5,553
Triple Room $4,953
Emerson Residence Halls (suite-style residence hall)
Requires purchase Weekly Block Plan each quarter.
Single room — private bath $8,073
Single room — shared bath $7,587
Double room — private bath $7,110
Double room — shared bath $6,621
Triple/quad room — shared/private bath


New Residence Hall (suite-style residence hall)
Single room -- private bath                                                                 $8,073
Double -- shared bath                                                                        $6,621
Triple -- shared/private bath                                                              $6,141
Campus Houses and Apartments
(No meal plan required)
One- or two-person unit (studio or one bedroom) $6,957
Three-or-more-person unit (two or more bedrooms) $5,712
Wesley Apartments  
(No meal plan required)  
Two-person unit (one bedroom) $7,347
Four-person unit (three bedrooms) $6,594
Four-person unit (four bedrooms) $7,728
Meal Plan Charges, Per Year
Weekly Block 21 $4,533
Weekly Block 14 $4,281
Weekly Block 10 $4,077
Weekly Block 7 $3,912
Block 50 (50 meals in Gwinn) $1,395*
Block 25 (25 meals in Gwinn) $729*
Advantage Points Minimum $25 purchase*
*Block 25, Block 50, and Advantage Points are priced per purchase and may be renewed at student's discretion.
Expenses for 2014-15 Full-Time Undergraduates Living On/Off Campus*
  Per Quarter Per Year
Tuition $11,700 $35,100
ASSP and technology fee (mandatory fees) $124 $372
Room and Meal Plan (traditional residence-hall double with Platinum meal plan) $3,362 $10,086

Textbooks, supplies, average loan fee (for student-loan borrowers), miscellaneous/personal,

and transportation average cost

$1,349 $4,046
Total $16,535 $49,604
Expenses for 2014–15 Full-Time Undergraduates Living With a Parent/Relative*
  Per Quarter Per Year
Tuition $11,700 $35,100
ASSP and technology fee (mandatory fees) $124 $372
Room and Board $1,204 $3,612

Textbooks, supplies, average loan fee (for student-loan borrowers), miscellaneous/personal,

and transportation average cost

$1,259 $3,776
Total $14,287 $42,860


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