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Can I be a University Scholar and study abroad?
Yes. University Scholars are encouraged to spend one term studying abroad the first quarter of junior year either on an SPU program or through a program sponsored by the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities. For many students, the Autumn Quarter of the junior year — when no USCH courses are required — is the best time to take advantage of study abroad opportunities, many of which are semester-long programs.

Popular programs include:

  • British Isle Quarter (through the SPU English Department)
  • European Quarter (through the SPU European Studies Department)
  • The Latin American Studies Program (through the CCCU)
  • The Oxford Scholar's Semester (through the CCCU).

Careful planning for junior- and senior-year course enrollment is necessary, and some adjustments of when particular UScholar courses are taken may be required.

Can I major in electrical engineering or be premed and be a University Scholar?
Yes. Many University Scholars each year pursue electrical engineering or pre-med.

If every prescribed course is taken in precisely the right order, beginning from the first quarter of the freshman year, a student can graduate in four years. However, there will be very little room for electives or study abroad if you are to complete in four years.

How will U Scholars help me to get into medical school?

Let’s let Brandon Teng (Class of 2010) speak for his classmates:

“Hi, Dr. Reinsma, I hope you are well! I thought you might enjoy some feedback on UScholars a year removed. I was recently accepted into Oregon Health and Science University, one of the top medical schools in the nation. I believe no one from SPU has gotten accepted in about 5 years. Many of the reasons were due to Uscholars. They liked my writing, we talked about many different types of literature in my interview (Plato, etc.), and discussed my honors project thoroughly. All in all, I feel that if I had not done the Uscholars program I probably would not be going to medical school at OHSU next year! Best wishes, Brandon.”

Are there any majors that a U Scholar should not pursue?
Because of the demands of the programs, it is very difficult to be a University Scholar and major in nursing or pursue certification for elementary education, and complete college in four years.

How much more work is it to be a U Scholar?
Estimates vary, but most students say that U Scholar courses demand about three hours of work per class hour rather than the more standard two hours of work per class hour.

What are the three most important academic skills I need to be a U Scholar?
Reading ability, writing ability, and intellectual curiosity.