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A highlight of the University Scholars program is the required senior honors project. Honors projects involve an intensive exploration of a topic that is related to the student’s major and is studied within the context of the Christian faith. These projects demonstrate one way in which SPU students engage the culture in order to change the world.

All completed Honors Projects are catalogued and put into the permanent collection at the SPU Library for public access.

University Scholars Senior Honors Projects — Spring 2014


Caitlin Baalke — How the Relationship Between the United States and Saudi Arabia Has Shaped U.S. Foreign Policy in the Middle East

Jessica Beebe — The Strange Loop: Paradoxical Hierachies in Borge's Fiction

Jubilee Brenneman — Estimating Deer Density and Population Size on Blakely Island, WA

Andrew Damen — Systematic Evaluation of Six Linkers for a Single Chain NKG2D Construct and the Binding Analysis of 5 Mica Isoforms

Matt Edel — Road Profile Sensor: A Detection Method for Active Suspension Systems

Chelsea Elzinga — Isolation and Formation of an Alternative Universla Identity: The Art of Nancy Spero and Annette Messager

Rachel Evers — Counter-Narrating the Nation: Homi K. Bhabha's Theory of Hybridity in Five Broken Cameras

Joseph Gallagher — The Decline of the West and the Rise of the Rest? An Analysis of Hard Power Capabilities in the G-20 From 1991-2011

Lisa Goodhew — Ontoliges, Simulations, and Discussions: How Is a Substance Metaphor of Energy Reflected in Student Conversations?

Hayley Hill — The Business of Transition: A Curriculum

Scott Jackson — A Critical Assessment of SPU's Urban Plunge Program

Ellie Janzen — Reading the Mind of the Internet: A Study of Collaborative Recomendation Algorithms

Colin Lewis — The Soul of Korean Christianity: How the Shamans, Buddha, and Confucuius Paved the Way for Jesus in the Land of the Morning Calm

John Metcalf — Shakespeare's Human

Katherine Morrow — Reductionism and Emergent Properties in Philosophy of Biology

Gabriel Much— The Privileged Voice

Danielle Myers —
The Lord of the Rings and The Weight of Two Worlds: An Exploration of Faith in Fantasy

Claire Nieman — Gender Disparity in Effective Chest Compression Delivery During Cardiopulmonary Resusication

Miguel Ortega —
The Nature of Pilgrimage: Similaraties and Differences Between El Camino de Santiago de Compostela and El Santuario de Chimayo

Abigail Pagel — Quantitative Analysis of Equine Intestinal Parasites As Pertains to Differing Management Styles

Lauren Pederson — Free Trade Zones: Development Possibilities for Nigeria

Sarah Peterson — Group Therapy Structure in Holistic Treatement of Homeless with Persistent Mental Illness

Tucker Rogers — Split Spinach: Fluorescent Modeling of RNA Assembly

Charis Tobias — Giving Power to the Powerless: Elizabeth Gaskell's Presentation fo Women in an Age of Change

Dylan Vernon — Hosea's Marriage From the Perspective of the Biblical Versions

Caroline Vokos — Disruption of Olfaction and AVP-Immunoreactive Staining and Social Behavior in California Mice

Sarah Welch — Staying Alive: Dynamic Equivalence Theory and Film Adaption

Project Guidelines and Requirements (PDF)

For more information about the University Scholars program, refer to the University Undergraduate Catalog. You may also contact Jeff Keuss, director of University Scholars, at or 206-281-2093.