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Special Features and Conditions of the Program

  • Prior to enrolling in USCH 3910 Faith and Science I, University Scholars must take at least one quarter of physics (PHY 1111 or 1121); or they may take any other lab course, such as BIO 1100 at the Blakely Island Field Station.

Although credit received for AP, IB, or CLEP scores will not fulfill this requirement, University Scholars who have taken the first-year chemistry or biology sequences are exempt from this requirement.

  • University Scholars will take a special honors section of UFDN 1000 together during their sophomore year. They will then enroll in any section of UFDN 2000 and 3100 that best fits their schedule.
  • University Scholars must select a 5-credit mathematics course from the list of approved courses in the Exploratory Curriculum. This course may be taken any time it fits into a student’s schedule and prerequisites have been met. (AP calculus and/or AP statistics with a sufficiently high score will also satisfy this requirement.)
  • The Honors Project involves 4 credits of individual scholarly work in a subject related to a student's major, undertaken with the assistance of two faculty mentors and completed during the senior year. Projects or papers that fulfill this requirement must meet disciplinary standards, discuss the relationship of faith and learning, be approved by the director of University Scholars, and be completed prior to graduation. Honors Projects are given special recognition at Commencement. Note that a maximum of four credits is allowed in Honors Project I and/or II.

  • University Scholars are required to maintain a minimum GPA of 3.2 or better to remain in the program.

  • Students who wish to leave the program must submit a letter of resignation to the director. They will immediately become subject to the Common Curriculum and Exploratory Curriculum requirements. They will not lose credit previously earned by successful completion of examinations, such as CLEP or Running Start. University Scholars courses taken in the first and second year transfer into either the Common Curriculum or the Exploratory Curriculum at Seattle Pacific.

  • Special service to the SPU community should be a high priority for University Scholars. Each year, the graduating senior who most exemplifies the high ideals of the USCH program is honored with the Wesley E. Lingren Award in honor of the founding director.