BioCORE Scholars winter quarter meeting features SPU alum Dr. Liz Dong Nguyen

On February 21, 2018, Dr. Liz Dong Nguyen returned to SPU to generously share stories from her journey to medicine. Dr. Dong Nguyen graduated from SPU in 2007 cum laude with a BS in Math, a BA in Biology and a minor in Chemistry. She completed her MD/PhD at Vanderbilt University in 2015, and researched G protein membrane receptor systems. After Vanderbilt, she started her pediatrics residency program at UW and Seattle Children’s Hospital and in July 2018 she will take up a fellowship in pediatric nephrology at Children’s Hospital. We are most grateful for her wisdom, her wit and her advice.

Dr. Liz Dong Nguyen with BioCORE Scholars 

Dr. Dong Nguyen is pictured with the BioCORE Scholars group:
L-R Front row: Mercy Alsworth, Cienn Joyeux, Dr Liz Dong Nguyen, Ana Ramirez, Rasha Barem, Sawa Tecle
2nd row: Marichung Duncan, Cindy Huang, Mariam Alkorashy, Jeanna Ramirez, Ngan Dang, Ale Gonzalez, Sherion Jenkins, Bethelehem Gebre
3rd row: Ketsia Kahambwe, Antavea Green, Menna Hailemariam, Laarni Aguila, Jennifer Tung, Loretta Awiapo, Israel Zamudio, Simone Neal

Posted: Thursday, February 22, 2018