Pre-Professional Health Sciences

Cheyenne Randolph

If you are planning to pursue training and a career as a physician, dentist, optometrist, physical therapist, pharmacist, or veterinarian, you will be given specialized faculty advising and coaching to prepare you for acceptance into graduate-level professional health programs.

The undergraduate catalog provides in-depth information about the PPHS program, including yearly checklists and an explanation of the committee interview system. The undergraduate time schedule specifies when PPHS courses are offered.

For information on how to apply for inclusion in the PPHS Committee Process, visit the PPHS Committee Application Process page.  For further information on health careers, testing resources, application portals, letters of recommendation, and more, visit the Resources page.

Dr. Max Hunter is the PPHS program director. Advisors include Dr. Cindy Bishop (Pre-Veterinary Science Advisor), Dr. Wade Grabow, Dr. Ben McFarland, Dr. Charlotte Pratt, and Dr. Derek Wood.

Max Hunter

Why I Teach at SPU

Max Hunter, Assistant Professor of Biology; Director of PPHS

“I enjoy teaching at SPU because of the wonderful balance I can strike here between teaching in bioethics and education, and developing deeply meaningful relationships with my colleagues and students.”