Meet Jordan Banks

Jordan Banks first thought engineering might be an exciting career when an aerospace engineer spoke to his high school class about designing satellites.

Since then, the electrical engineering major has discovered even more ways to serve and help change the world — some of them very down to earth. For his junior design project at SPU, for example, he teamed up with four other engineering students to design an assistive device for a visually impaired man in a Jordanian refugee camp. The refugee had lost his eyesight to a sniper bullet and was excited to have them work on a way to help him better navigate his house and indoor environments. Banks called his interaction with the man (through a translator) “one of the coolest experiences” he’s had at SPU.

That was before his recent summer internship with engineering consultants in Papua, Indonesia. Working with an SPU alum there helped give him a unique insight into what it’s like to do engineering in a developing world context.

Back in the classroom, he says that professors Melani Plett and Kevin Bolding have made a lasting impression on him as he faces graduation and job prospects. “I know they believe in me and that I have their full support,” he says. “I have never felt so cared for as a person or as a student by any other instructors in my whole life. I know they desire for me to succeed, and I am incredibly grateful to them.”

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